Vintage Magazines Galore…

By Alison November 30, 2004 No Comments 1 Min Read

Vinmag I have got a magazine fetish. If there was a twelve step programme for magazine addiction I would be on it (Hello, my name is Alison and I am addicted to magazines…), but there isn’t so I am constantly looking for new ways to satisfy my addiction. It is very sad. I will read anything, but I am a sucker for Vogue, Homes and Gardens and a whole host of yummy, gorgeous American, house magazines. In fact give me Country Living and a bar of Green and Blacks and you’ve got yourself one very happy woman indeed. Who needs men!  This month I have discovered VinMag a website dedicated to the sale of a wide range of vintage magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. Until now I have only bought vintage magazines at car boots (usually a bit battered), and they are fabulous sources of ideas and the occasional giggle. Its amazing to see just how much things have changed and  how many aspects of our day to day lives are exactly the same.

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