Wants Versus Needs.

By Alison November 11, 2005 3 Comments 2 Min Read


There are things in this life I want: Robbie Williams (and I will have him), a Georgian house with three floors and a huge front door, a pink camper van, skinny thighs, and a new wardrobe. They are , you will appreciate, the things that would make a difference to my life on a daily basis, and thus make me a nicer person, and if we are honest, we all suffer at my hands, because my life is so lacking.

I want a whole lot more than I need. I understand that I don’t need to be a nicer person. I am getting on just fine, being the wicked old witch that I authentically am. So if I have to carry on sharing Robbie williams with a whole load of grown women who quite frankly should know better, then so be it. I have my dreams. So I don’t need Robbie Williams. And I understand that the whole Georgian House and skinny thighs thing, may be the kind of dreams, that even my fairy GodMother  couldn’t make true for a bag of chips or a month of Sundays.  But we all have the right to have our needs satisfied and what I need right now is a lilac enamel milk pan in which to whisk my vanilla scented hot chocolate. So it is a good job, that any minute now the really rather scrumptious new website, Chandlers Online, is about to launch, selling the very thing to see me through many a shivery wintery night. 

Rumoured to be utterly delicious, the website is launching some point this month and previews of the stock look ever so promising to those of us who appreciate needful things in pretty colours…

Hmm. Lilac saucepan or Robbie Williams? Maybe it’s time I re-read Simple Abundance and got my authentic needs in order…


  1. Car's Bunkle says:

    A spot of advice: if you fancy yourself a writer, you might need or want to take a few moments to learn how to properly use the possessive case–apostrophes. Your lack of mechanical sophistication really undermines your esprit, your ethos (credibility).
    For the sake of women who enjoy thinking and applying thought to meaningful events, I hope this site is offered or intended as an example of social feminist satire; if not, it will nonetheless be represented as such in Cultural Studies classrooms across the good 'ol US of A.
    Car's Bunkle

  2. Savannah says:

    What a bunkie is Car's Bunkie. Whoever that is may go to ….. Neither your espirit or ethos is compromised and who gives a rat's pajamas about Cultural Feminist Studies in any country???? What I wanted to say was ….. I think you should go for the lavendar pot!!! And seriously, Alison, ignore that dipstick!!!!

  3. Clare says:

    I haven't laughed so much in ages. How fabulous; to be an example of social feminist satire at such an early stage in your career. You must be so proud!

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