Wishes For You in 2016

By Alison December 31, 2015 No Comments 3 Min Read

Out with the old to bring you new wishes

And so my lovely Brocanteers, on this, the last day of 2015, I wanted to sprinkle each and every one of you in heavenly wishes for a truly scrumptious New Year…
So today I wish you a year full of teeny tiny joys you take the time to notice. I want to tell you that I hope you find whatever your heart yearns for in the among the many hours ahead of us and that when you close you eyes at night you discover peace in silence, and calm that deepens with each breath you take.
I hope the children in your life light up each day with infectious giggles and that you remember to ask the elders in your world all the questions you need answers too, and the stories only they can tell you. I hope you hold their hands, and say I love you each and every day of the New Year. And I hope there are flowers in your life. Abundant blooms and tiny spiky cacti, for all living things have merit and I wish you all the heart you need to recognise why nature matters and what blessings it can bring us.
I hope around each and every corner you discover inspiration. That each page you read reminds you that even in your deepest thoughts, you are never alone. That someone else, that in fact many someone else’s have no doubt been through what you are enduring and have lived to tell the tale. And I hope that if your tale is indeed unique that you will find a way to share it. That you will not bury it, nor let it fester, but will take ownership of your pain or pride in your achievements.
I hope your home hugs you and your bed cossets you. I hope you find a pillow from which you never want to lift your head and make time for baths that pamper your soul as much as they do your body. I hope this is the year you discover a book that changes the course of your life, read a poem that speaks to your heart and hear a piece of music that sends shivers down your spine. I hope you make new friends, discover someone special and come to terms with grief.
I wish you good health and emotional strength. I hope you laugh so hard that you cry and let yourself giggle in the midst of those floods of tears that take you so unexpectedly. I hope someone smothers you in kisses daily and reminds you every moment of everyday that you are beautiful. And that you are enough. For you are. You are enough and you must never, ever forget it.
I hope that time is kind to you. That you decide to be a better you and commit to crossing off at least ten things off your life-bucket list. I wish you community and a hobby that consumes you. I hope you get to travel, to taste delicious foods, and sip wine that makes you swoon. I hope, dear heart, that sleep comes easy.
I hope you remember that each and every year is a gift and practise gratitude accordingly. And that you know that those who take life for granted are those of us who miss out on all this wonderful world has to offer. For despite it all, this world of ours is wonderful. And so I wish you a sense of absolute wonder. Appreciation of family gathered around a table we have laid ourselves or the bliss of a quiet cup of tea.
All this and more I wish you with all my heart. Happy New Year Darlings.
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