What Is She Playing At?

By Alison November 9, 2005 2 Comments 4 Min Read



Oh I know!! Billions of you are emailing me to ask what I am playing at, and I agree: Enough already!

So: everytime you click onto BrocanteHome something has changed. One day the blog is on the left and the next it is nowhere to be found. Some days the kid’s bit is called the encyclopedia, and the next it is the compendium. Then the whole thing is called the compendium! One day it’s a kind of cute teal colour, then violet, and now pink! What on earth is going on? What the heck am I playing at??? And those funny little advert things at the end of some of the posts- what are they in aid of, pray tell?

Unlike most sites in the world, run by sensible people in suits, not nighties, BrocanteHome is almost constantly in flux, as I struggle with all the jobs other little companies employ lot’s of people to do: advertising, graphic design, marketing policies, product delivery, strategy planning etc, etc, etc. Me? I am making it up as I go along, educating myself in all manner of thing’s I don’t understand, and I am afraid that this means that as I make progress, you my scrumptious housekeepers, get to see the occasionally dubious results of my endeavours! As so many of you with blogs know, simply getting  a post up somedays takes more energy than you’ve got, so creating something with a sense of community, like we have here at BrocanteHome is a formidable task, if it is to fit in alongside my commitments as both a Mommy, a housekeeper and a wife to be. Somedays I’m all of a buzz with understanding and light bulbs pinging with comprehension of some complex aspect of running a pint sized business, and other days I don’t want to turn on the computer, so instead of writing something deep and meaningful, I fiddle with my colour schemes until the background of my blog, looks like the Farrow and Ball Paint colour I am considering for my bedroom…

I am by nature, a putter-er and a tweaker, and a fuss pot, and according to my Mum, a bit of a control freak. But I realise that when you run a business, you are supposed to do all the tweaking behind the scenes and present your audience with the finished article, not the draft, or anything, quite honestly, only fit for the bin. I do realise that. But hell, if I’d stuck to that rule, I’d be putting my first post up on BrocanteHome, right about now, and the past twelve months of scrumptious inspiration, inane rambling and fabulous friendships would not have existed. Because Yes! On the 17th November, Brocantehome will be one year old and look how far we’ve come! I am all of a quiver, because in the past week, my visitor numbers have doubled (no idea why!), and I desperately want things to be right, so I am fiddling with all manner of bit’s and bob’s only to make sure that the site is as attractive, valuable, and easy to navigate,as I am capable of making it.

I promise to leave it alone now though. I like the new pink start page (http://www.brocantehome.com). Don’t you?

Oh and the adverts? Well the truth is that the site cost’s money to run. More and more money all the time, as it gets bigger. (Don’t tell Mark!) and now it’s all grown up, it’s got to start paying for itself. As always the ad’s will be non-intrusive: the E-mini malls feature only products I have selected myself from ChinaBerry, and I have done my best to make sure that every product I have chosen from this scumptious little company is something that truly reflects the essence of BrocanteHome. The ad’s at the end of the posts, will only appear if what they are selling is in some way connected to what is in the post itself. It is essential to me, that the adverts form part of the BrocanteHome experience and so you will never see an advert for a credit card next to an article on frugal living, nor an advert for bleach when I am trying to get you to go organic… 

That’s it. Pink it is. I hereby, solomely promise to leave the site alone for the next month or so at least. Who know’s what the New Year will bring?


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  1. Danielle says:

    I think the site looks lovely! You're doing a great job. It's impossible not to want to tweak websites every time you get a new idea! Personally, I love the fact that Brocante Home is always changing. It keeps it fresh. Besides, blush pink is my favourite colour!

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh I know ALison … I've only just found all these posts of yours … Checked in for the last few days to see the 'Christmas' page and thought you hadn't updated!!! But it's all looking so good and you're entitled to try to improve on a good thing.
    Love to you.

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