3. Work With Me

Does the idea of having a (slightly bossy) friend in your phone appeal to you, encouraging you to see your chosen project – whether it be your Renaissance, overhauling your diet, or banishing your clutter – through from beginning to end?

Then welcome to WhatsApp PenPal coaching – a text based UNLIMITED coaching package offering you access to me daily – so that together we can identify what needs doing, form a plan and then create the accountability you need to create the necessary motivation and inspiration to get things done!

It will be both fun and productive – I promise. So get started today: simply choose your package below and I will be in touch.

Particularly useful if you feel shy in an online video environment, Whatsapp coaching gives you time to form your thoughts and respond to my prompts via a medium you likely already feel comfortable with. Coaching will begin with a basic questionnaire so I can get an understanding of your situation and the challenge you are choosing to address and then I will provide the number you need and coaching will begin.

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