Why Brocante?

By Alison December 16, 2004 No Comments 1 Min Read

Yes, but what does it mean? said Mark, when he first came across BrocanteHome.

Well, I explained, the French translation of the word "Brocante" is "article of trifling value".

I knew it, he said, you are wasting your time dilly dallying with articles of trifling value, when you could be teaching Finn the capital city of every country in the world, or indeed, darning my holey socks, or filling the freezer with enough food to last us into the next millenium! 

I could be, but I’m not, because to me the word Brocante sums up everything I love about my life: the tiny pretty things that make me smile when I haven’t got a penny, peonies in jam jars, lavender lining my pillows, splashing in puddles on rainy days, appreciating everything we’ve got and knowing that everything we’ve got is all we need right here, right now, mismatched china, the joy of good food, treasures I find in dusty old antique shops and lovely old twigs Finley drags home from a walk in our lovely tree lined street…

Well thats ok then, he said. Not really understanding. Maybe not understanding at all, but cosy and comfortable in a house filled with articles of trifling value that make all the difference. A house filled with love.

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