Why Don't You?

By Alison September 26, 2018 1 Comment 4 Min Read

Well now. Let there be no doubt that I am the most unreliable blogger you know. I start a new feature and lo and behold doesn’t the universe conspire against me and KILL THE INTERNET on the very day I am supposed to be posting the next edition. Ahem. Yes it does and so me and the darn universe are at loggerheads right now, because frankly she just will not live up to her promises these days.

All this to say that from now, Why Don’t You, my so-called weekly feature inspired by Diana Freeland will no longer incorporate days of the week but will instead be numbered so you can hop in and take up my suggestions on any day you please/or indeed any day the universe allows…

Shall I just shut up now and get on with it? Righty-ho.

Day One…

Channel the Parisian woman in you by indulging in an afternoon of French films. Consider 2 Days in Paris, Amour, Things To Come…

and the oh so wonderful, I Got Life!

Day Two…

Write your partner a letter. An elegant letter written in fountain pen on laid paper to elevate your emotions. Share your happiness, hopes and heartbreak. Be honest, but be kind. Even the rawest of emotion can be delivered with kindness with the right words and even when you don’t feel it, your message will be better received if it comes from a place of love. Write it and then decide whether you want to gift him or her with your truth. If not then simply hop into your car and bin it far away. You will feel better for simply giving your feelings life beyond your head.

Day Three…

Download the Vogue Runway App and lose yourself in a world of beautiful clothes. Re-imagine your wardrobe and update your signature look with inspiration from designers across the world. Swoon.

Day Four…

Swap your Netflix subscription for a Food Matters TV subscription and make this the day you finally decide to live well with inspirational wellness documentaries, yoga classes, guided meditations, meal plans and more, all in one place. I LOVE it.

Day Five…

 While almost all of us have a set repertoire of Autumnal meals, why not make this the year you ring the changes occasionally with a new signature soup or stew? The meals we cook consistently are usually those that we are comfortable cooking and are  equally well-received by all in the family, so begin your experiment by choosing one meal and altering it subtly week on week until it is just right and becomes the taste of Autumn 2018. I rather fancy this Harvest Stew from The Cozy Apron

Day Six…

Order yourself a set of sleeping earphones to make listening to guided sleep meditations a more comfortable part of your evening routine. Never again will you wake up being choked by a tangle of wires, nor face the wrath of a partner subjected to the calming music you prefer.

Day Seven..

Make a cup of tea and sit down with your phone. Yes. I know you do this numerous times a day, but this time is going to be different. Today I want you to delete the time-wasters living in your phone. You can keep ONE. (SimCity for me!), but I want you to think about all those apps you routinely lose entire hours to and ask yourself what are they actually bringing to your life on a daily basis? Think social media apps and news sites. Delete Facebook. It still exists on the internet and you can look at it whenever you want to, but deleting it from your phone means you will no longer be bombarded by notifications.

Then, when you have deleted your time-wasters, start thinking about how you can use your phone as a force for good in your life: a hand-held tool for betterment.  Look for apps that support your journey towards the most glorious version of yourself and refuse to engage with the latest fad. Stay on your path. Always.

Have a lovely week Housekeepers!

P.S: Have you joined The Puttery Treats Club yet?

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  1. barbara says:

    7 Days of Fabulousness! Loved the French film clip…Eartha Kitt is one strong personality…a dash of fashion…a helping of healthy eating…and clearing the junk out of our phones and our lives. Can’t wait for the next 7 Days.

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