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Where am I at? Heaven knows, so I thought I’d round up everything I’m doing, reading, eating and coveting if only to get a feel for who I am right at this moment, now. And so without further ado mostly because I haven’t got the energy for much ado about anything today, I hereby present the Brocante Zeitgeist…

Working On….

1. Choosing wallpaper for one wall in the living room. Settling on something kind of neutral. Worrying about ignoring screechy voice of mildly appalled inner eccentric secretly hoping for big fat rosebuds while I watch Richard paint ceilings grey with candle smoke…
(Oh and finally, finally planning on saying goodbye to the truly terrible green wallpaper on the landing that I chose when I was bonkers, oops I mean pregnant).
2.The BrocanteHome Advent Calendar. Up to my smutty eyes in all things pretty and festive. Because I am a lucky girl and this is my job…
3. Not smacking the teachers who see fit to put the same kids in the same parts year after year in the school nativity. Heck, who thought I’d be one of those Mums??


1. The Agatha Raisin mystery series, because all of a sudden,  the silliest of Cotswold whodunnits are quite my bag and there are enough of them to get me through a Winter in which I am already feeling chilled to the bone. Remember Puttery People how I suggested we should choose one author to befriend through the darkest nights? Well consider M.C.Beaton my new B.F…
2. The latest online edition of By Fryd. Because a person needs all that pretty to swoon over when she’s on a dull old reducing plan.


1. Much scrambled egg with parsley and sugarless tea. See reducing plan above.
2. Mainlining Berocca Boost because I start a-flagging in November and this helps a tad.
3. Sneaking nibbles of Raspberry Ruffle sweeties because they satisfy my craving for dark chocolate and I can simultaneously convince myself that coconut=fruit=angelic  dieter. Let me be.


1. An iPad. Because I have got it into my head that the world is being divided into the haves and haven’ts. And Martha Stewart isn’t helping my theory with her blooming (literally) iPad only version of the magazine. Damn her. Damn that Martha and her fancy ideas: I was doing fine until I saw this and now I’m prowling around the Apple store with a hungry look in my eyes, hoping Father Christmas has won the lottery this year.

2. Cath Kidston‘s “Stitch“, because inspired by Kirsties Home-made Home last night, I am feeling the urge to try my hand at the gentle art of cross-stitch. Heck I could do it when I was six so surely I could manage it now I’m all grown up? So come January I plan on tackling the tiny little purse project that comes free with Cath Kidston‘s third book in her craft series. How wrong could this little craft adventure go??

3. And a Sally Jean pendant. Because six years ago when I started BrocanteHome, Sally Jean was one of the first vintage artisans I came across and though she has spawned an awful lot of imitators since, she remains the cleverest, and the funniest of them all, and while back then splashing out on one of her little pendants was a teeny extravagance I could ill afford, now I see that we owe it to ourselves to mark the passage of the years with objects we truly covet. This then will be my very own, deeply personal celebration of BrocanteHome. I celebrate myself

And Thinking…

1. About change. Real change. The deeply unsettling, deeply welcome kind of change that require the shifting of furniture and embracing of the future.
2. About getting off my bottom more to help with the reducing palava. If only it wasn’t so darn cosy at the fireside…
3. About what could have been and isn’t. About contentment. About chocolate (did I mention the damned diet??). About being scared. And doubting myself. And excited. All at the same time.
4. And about taking a warm bath now? With cinnamon scented bubble bath and candlelight? Yes… that’s what I need.
Night night Sweethearts.x


  1. Sally Hackney says:

    I felt myself nodding along with your musings today. Yes, I so love M.C. Beaton, I used to recommend her book in my librarian days along with Hamish. I love Martha and watch her shows every day. Her Thanksgiving programs are showing this week and I especially like the ones with her Mom. I too am terribly coveting an IPad and I so DO NOT need one but still want one badly. And I longingly look at anything Cath Kidson and want it too. I can't find her goodies except a few things on Amazon. Sally Jean jewelry=gorgeous! I too am unsettled and flitting about but I don't care and try to "go with it"…whatever that means. Your blog makes me smile, Sally

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh My! That is quite a lot on your plate! Here is to you and for giving it, what ever the it might be, a good 'ol college try. I am in some of the same boat as you with the diet thingy. And I do love chocolate! Here is one of the tips I am trying at the moment. As 1/2 of my family is celiac, husband and 1 daughter, I have given up the gluten as well, with a bit of success! Plus I have found out that I feel better in the bargin. Who would've thought?
    Plus smaller portions, no seconds, and dessert only on Sundays. My husband is involved in the last three and feels better as well.
    Good for you! Keep up the change! It is not always easy, but sometimes it is fun!

  3. Leslie Anne says:

    First, the terrible, horrible green wallpaper – thankfully I was warned NOT to try to redecorate while pregnant, by a friend who purchased a purple wing chair during pregancy, which was subsequently given away after childbirth.
    Secondly, find some candles that don't smoke – they do make them, don't they?
    Next up, I've been needing a change of pace in my reading habits, and whodunits sounds right up my alley at the moment – the Agatha Raisin series sounds like it would just hit the spot!
    Then there's the scrambled eggs with parsley – what? no alternatives? why not toss in some finely chopped veggies or something – onions, peppers, mushrooms, salsa or dill, perhaps?
    Lastly, I'm waiting with bated breath (will have to go look up what "bated" breath really is) for your Advent Calendar (as well as that Vtg Housekeepers Planner binder you've mentioned, among other things!!)

    1. brocantehome says:

      Hi Leslie Anne… unfortunately I seemed to think I was blessed with design genius while I was pregnant and anyone who tried to stand in my way was toast!
      As for Agatha Raisin it's kind of terribly basic writing but all the more wonderful for that because you can still follow the story while you are half asleep…
      As for the scrambled egg, parsley is just my latest fad!
      And finally the housekeepers planner binder… I'm sill on it: I've had two prototypes made, neither of which I liked so it may be some time!
      Hope you are well honey.x

      1. Leslie Anne says:

        Alison, I forgot to mention that back in September, Cath Kidston opened a USA online site that lists everything in US dollars, etc. That's just when my mother went into the hospital, so I'm not sure if you mentioned it in one of your posts that I may have missed, or if you even knew about it! For anyone interested, here's the link: http://www.cathkidstonusa.com/
        Oh, and I did look up "bated breath" and in a nutshell, it means to hold one's breath in excited anticipation. Or something along those lines.
        Leslie Anne

  4. Lauren Mumford says:

    I myself have dove into the Agatha Raisin mysteries! I'm loving them. I have found myself laughing out loud at some of her antics. (I must tell though I recently found a chip in my new little hero's persona when she stated that she hated Autumn in England! I can't imagine it is that bad??) It's lovely to think we will be enjoying the same cosy Cotswolds mysteries this winter. Just can't express my jealousy that you actually get to sit in England while reading them. lol 🙂

  5. Sasha says:

    Well my goodness me, great minds do think alike! Don't bank on the Agatha Raisin series lasting you all winter – I thought just that and am on 'The Wellspring of Death' as we speak! Thanks to the, how shall we say, unchallenging nature of the writing, I seem to get through them in a few days of sleepy reading. Don't they just LOOK lovely though?! Just what I need to still my restless mind at night.
    I started cross stitching in my teens (like you do….???!!?) and even began a large Winnie The Pooh picture project for my babies room when I was pregnant in an attempt to try and sit still and relax…………….I finally finished it and got it framed for the wall when my 'baby' was 10 years old!!! I kid you not! It is pretty theraputic though, and once I have finished renovating our new house and finally have real fires to sit in front of I rather fancy the idea of the cross stitch cushion that Kirsty tried her hand at (I've seen it somewhere for sale as a kit….where???). I'm doing a Kirsty myself actually, and am taking in my Grandfather's old armchair (as donated by my mother to make room for her fancy-pants new one) and want to get it re-upholstered for that spot, just in front of the log burner I intend to fit in the kitchen, that I intend to claim as mine!
    So does anyone know if I will actually be able to watch a Martha Stewart programme once I get Sky fitted?? Does she still have a programme on tv?!
    Oh, and change is SO GOOD!!!!! Exciting and invigorating too….

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