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  1. I have only got as far as number five and…
    I LOVE that cardigan! And your comment about 'loving it to holes'!
    Lightning makes me cry too! And my Mum used to tell me it was God playing bowls!
    It seems like we are still clicking!
    So when do I need to buy the Daily Mail?

  2. oh gosh, number 19 as well! I have not bought She, or Eve, or Easy Living….or any of them this month!
    And Gregorian Chants- I always used to sleep to that !
    I suspect there will be many others on your list, but I won't comment on them lest there are 101 comments from me!

  3. Oh, I just knew it – that contentment was rounding your corner! You ARE different (better) than a year ago. No fakes here. You are my favorite read!! And I'm laughing hysterically at exactly how many of those silly things I relate to! Blessings…

  4. Love the list, Daily Mail, when?…by the way, I read something in The Times the other day claiming that talc might be carcinogenic? The person that made the querry was advised not to use it on children. Shocked me!

  5. I love your list, but I'm heartbroken that you don't like Anthea's show. They showed it for a week in the USA and I was inspired to clean this place up from top to bottom. I hate that we don't have it anymore!

  6. A super wonderful post. I so like reading your ways of phrasing things differntly than I —bin bag; me, trash bag—knickers; me, undies or panties—pinny; me, ?. What is a pinny anyway? Tell me please! I want to know.

  7. Good list lady and fab cardi!!!
    Plus – no it isn't wrong to have a crush on Russell Brand. I know it is inexplicable, but the man makes me come over all unnecessary too…!

  8. am laughing like a drain…have come across this entiely by accident, looking for 50's images for my yr10 art class who are designing domestic goddess tea towels. am desperate to use brocantehome for my yr12 women's studies – it epitomises the righness of gender difference. it empowers because it is so female.

  9. Oh my God, woman, this blog is so good. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves we are good enough and let success in. Just being us. Just being here. Just doing what we do and following our own beat. That is enough. ENOUGH. Now go out there and get rich and famous.

  10. It's wonderful to not only know yourself so well, but to have the brass ovaries to throw it out there for the World's inspection.
    I can relate to no's 32, 34, 48, 55, 64, 74 and 86! And I once knew a surgeon who played Gregorian chants in the operating room while he was working! Ha!
    Ali aka Alison aka Housebug aka Stormyweathers (I firmly believe in having an alias for every occasion) xx

  11. No 63: I know. My little one was barely two when even I couldn't pretend things were going to be all right any more. My husband came home from work early on July 4 (Independence Day, what irony, but it has after all been independence for me) to break the news that he didn't feel like being married any more. Horrid moment, it seemed the clocks should stop and the walls fall down, but it was only what had been brewing for a long time, wishing wouldn't make it go away. A decade-plus later it's all right. Being an only child has done my younster no harm. I have inwardly howled for the children I wasn't going to have after all, but I took to heart the mild rebuke from a childless friend – to be glad for the one I have.
    In the early days after the divorce I felt the sense of failure in every room, but now this little house is our lovely haven. I can have my colours and pretty things and almost-antiques and books everywhere, without having to bargain for it or explain myself. It's a revolving door with my pre-teen's friends, especially in the summer when bicycles clutter the driveway. The garden WILL be beautiful, it's a mess right now but it is my mess and a little muscle and tlc will put it right.
    Don't worry about the little one, he has you, and things have a way of getting better.
    I love this site, clever you!
    (And don't people know what a pinny is any more? My mother and I made several together, my early sewing projects – one each for my dolls. In the sixties they could be bought at every church bazaar and I thought they were lovely. I wanted retro even before it was retro.)

  12. Whoops – that was ALL about me. Carried away by enthusiam for this lovely site and your disarming frankness. It's the sense of sisterhood (never had a sister) at finding such taste, elegance and homey comforts all in one delightful package.
    Fondly, from your new devotee,
    Hope (& Faith & Charity, another multiple-alias)

  13. I stumbled on to this site to look for a hug picture to send to a sad friend and then read this and brought me a smile. Raw, real an all you. Thank you for putting a smile where there was one.

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