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  1. Alison,
    you are a wonderful person,
    I am sure there are lots of people saying to themselves “oooooh it’s not just me then’

  2. Lovely!
    I could never come up with this many things to say about myself. Never mind make them as interesting as you did!

  3. …Nigella Lawson? I must not be up on British gossip. All I know is yummy baking.
    My caesarean scar itches all the time. It’s been 11.5 years, will it ever stop?
    Finn will at some point think he does not need you but it’s not actually true. He will just need you in a different way, and if you disappear it will be awful for him, even if he is 60 at the time.

  4. I love Yolanda, too. I don’t know why everyone on the internet hates her so much. Finn will always need you. Tell Mark to shut it.

  5. #57 made me laugh so hard. When I was 10 years old, a friend hailed me from about 6 blocks away. When we met up, I asked how she knew it was me. She said “oh, I’d know your walk anywhere”
    She wouldn’t explain but it has traumatized me ever since. I always picture myself as a member of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks. It’s worried me for….oh, my…38 years. I should let it go……

  6. Yep, number 72 made me splutteringly laugh out loud too! (Does that make me a bad person???!!??)
    Great list! Glad you are back in all your glory, I was worrying about you over Xmas xxx

  7. This was delightful! Except #96! Thats pure rubbish! And, although I didn’t want your list to come to an end it did so in a very delightful way. Now do tell why you are smiling so!

  8. Re 96 – I am approximately the same age as you and still need my mum, so I think that one is rubbish! Of course the way I need her has changed over time but the need is still there, so don’t worry that Finn will stop needing you xx

  9. Thank you! It was really fun being taken out of myself as I travel thru your list of life’s events that happens to all of us.

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