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  1. Alison, I so enjoyed reading all those things about you! And I'm even more happy that I stumbled across BrocanteHome – it's the bestest place ever! 🙂

  2. In spite of the ocean, the miles, the years, and anything else one might imagine, I do dearly believe one Alison May and one Gayla Pappenfoht are kindred spirits. How lovely to have met you. Keep on the brocante path…

  3. This was wonderful. I am SO nosey and I just love hearing more about my blogging friends. I was nodding in agreement at so many of your points. Except we have a very strict routine, but it doesn't stop the nightmare waking and teething pain waking during the night – your boy sounds like a dream!

  4. Most all your points match my thinking (obviously, Finley and Mark aren't in my life but I have a wonderful husband and children of my own). I totally agree about Mariah Carey. Yes indeed about the food habit–Rubenesque is a good physical description of myself, too, except I always say I'm voluptuous and must maintain my voluptuosity with chocolate as much as possible–I feel it is incumbent upon me as a happy female. I'd rather stay home and nest scrumptuously than do anything else.

  5. I really enjoyed reading about you. I love Doris Day movies also and thought that I was the only one. I believe by your 100 things if we were closer we could be good friends. Keep enjoying each day with your loves.

  6. Love it….finally someone a little different, a little interesting and with a good sense of humor. I hate Mariah too…she is so uncouth

  7. First of all I love the name Allison. We have alot incommon, I too have a special finger that God put four lines as if I had four nuckles, and I am also a very big dreamer and remember them vividly. I live in America and wish to see England. Well I guess that is not alot of things incommon but some. (LOL)

  8. Hi Alison, I was surfing to find references to this year's Southport Continental Market and came across your tale of visiting the market last year. (I will be managing this year's market and was interested in how well our press releases had permeated to "the www")….anyway I then moved on to your blogs (your site deserves a better name than that!)and enjoyed browsing the pages. If you are visiting Southport this weekend (14th/15th/16th July) why not come along and savour the atmosphere once again. If you can find me on the day, then I will introduce you to the French Cheese man and his Finnish girlfriend who will attempt to convince you that they can beat mature cheddar!! Best regards, Rob Lucas (Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd)

  9. My name is Leigh and I firmly believe I was born in the wrong decade and the wrong country. I wish iI lived in England in the 20's and 30's. Love antiques, anything floral, anything old, and books more than anything, except for my kids and hubby. It's great to meet you, Alison, and great to find this wonderful place. I can tell I will love it here.

  10. I love England and I think you are on your way to being Martha Stewart. Do you like kath Kidston

  11. Hi Allison, what a lovely eccentric site…I am an instant fan. I think I might be a bit of like your American counterpart. I'm inspired to go dust off my seriously neglected website. I am the Eccentric Haus Frau, an American in Germany.
    I love your humor and it's so much fun to be here. It took me a while to figure out that you weren't American. Your writing sounds American with a hint of British. I hope you get to America some day. I waited my whole life to finally get to England. I was 40 by the time I was able to get to London. I've been twice now.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. I do belive you are my long lost twin from another country 🙂
    I will have to say this, I will put up a hard fought battle for the title of "Martha Stewart"…that is what I am going to be when I grow up too.

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