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  1. He’s adorable! His toy is adorable. The puppyhood eventually leaves and he will be a fine dog. And if anyone has the tools and wherewithal to deal with a bounding, loving, rambunctious puppy, the mother of Finley has all the qualifications. I predict Mark will eventually be one of Alfies people too.

  2. Sniffle, sniffle blowing into handkerchief. Alfie reminded me of my Labrador Tracker. That sheer delight when they see you and that unconditional love. Alfie sounds a lovely little chap.

  3. We have two cats and a dog. I’m more of a cat person, but our dog brings such joy to our family. Memories are made with pets. Dogs are really good for children too, because they have that capacity for unconditional love and during those hard times in life when a child may feel alone and misunderstood, their dog will always be there with a kiss and wanting to play. A friend without conditions.

  4. …it is the unconditional love that gets you..and the fact that they choose you..that kind of love and adoration changes your life…you are incredibly to have been chosen..

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