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  1. Oh, what a night! We've all had those. Sometimes It's a relief to see the pink stains of dawn and know it's about to be over. Lovely but haunting musings. I didn't sleep well either… Must be midsummer muse's messing w/ our minds, huh? Love, love, love, that last line of the poem. … and you! Once a lovely thrice married friend of mine laughed ruefully into her drink at a bar and told all who'd listen, "I am soooo thankful for all my mistakes. Without them, I wouldn't have any life at all!" AH… that oft hits home.

  2. Well, I can't speak for Tony, but the smallest country in the world that is really a part of Italy is Vatican City.
    I guess we all have those long, long nights from time to time. You seem to have so much going on I'm surprised you don't fall asleep, exhausted right after dinner!
    Take care of yourself.
    Prayers being said for your Uncle.
    God bless.

  3. Isn't it silly what random thoughts buzz through our brains? And speaking of buzzing – I have always wondered the same thing about the birds and the bees – who was the idiot that thought up that analogy!?

  4. "Two me's standing like speech marks either side of a sentence I wish wasn't true." LOVE that! Perhaps I will keep a notepad by my pillow so I can keep track of all the poetic midnight phrases that strike me at odd hours. Or, at least, they seem poetic in the wee hours…

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