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  1. After the sad death of both my parents in 2012 we as a family have all discussed what plans need to be put in place for the inevitable. We have devised a “Black File” . A black ringbinder into which we intend to put copies of our wills and all our wishes for such things as music/ hymns for our funerals and other wishes. This is also for both us and our children. It can be updated as an on going thing. I know it is morbid, but what a help to people in a time of grief not to have to worry about doing the right thing.

    1. That is very sad, I am so sorry. It is also a good idea, especially the black binder part. I have our wills in just a folder and I never thought of putting my wishes in it along with the important paperwork as well as cemetery information etc. This is morbid, but you have just given me an idea to organize….

  2. I took your advice and cleaned out my make-up drawer. Instead of hiding all of it in a drawer that became the great black hole, I ordered myself a lovely cube to display it on my bathroom counter. The cube is acrylic and has drawers that slide out. Now I can see everything I own and it is easy to put back instead of just throwing in a drawer. The see through acrylic also keeps me on my toes to put everything back in the proper place. I bought it on Amazon for 99$ US it is by Designer Habitat, and is a 5 drawer, six tier cosmetic cube organizer. Wonderful!!

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