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If I was a butterfly I would be the kind who spends most of her days tight in her cocoon, only occasionally popping out to flutter her wings through the night skies, before retreating to swipe off the make up and exist in her cosy bubble thereafter, happy with her lot and pleased to have enjoyed the walls beyond her hidey hole, but always glad to make her way back within them...

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COMING SOON - 27th March. 2023

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Ready to Lose Weight and Feel Alive Again?

Once we become women of a certain age, our needs and motivation changes. Where once wellbeing might have been about fitting into a dress for a special occasion, now it is about good health and longevity, discovering our peak selves at a time when it is all too easy to let life settle and give in to a life of supermarket wine and barely enjoyed boxsets.

Let’s be more than that now! (Trust me I’m not advocating giving up Malbec and Emily In Paris, I just want to remind you that there is more to this life than cheap wine and spoon fed entertainment!). Let’s fall in love with our bodies again, remember our very own wild woman sexuality, wear clothes that are our own brand of beautiful and expand our own horizons beyond what we have convinced ourselves is our lot in life. Let’s have big fat, wild and wonderful ideas, dance before we’ve even got out of bed and fall into the best sleep of our lives when we get in to it! Above all else, let’s do this together, whether you’ve got five pounds or fifty to lose, because this is a lifestyle NOT a slimming club.

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The Journal Collection

Jounalling is such an important part of the BrocanteHome way of life that I wanted to grace your own routines and rituals with a collectible set of truly lovely hardback journals.

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