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  1. I wish I had some great tips to share, but I have the same issue–it takes me forever to get back into my "normal" routine after a vacation. It's especially bad after we've been gone for six weeks to the States each summer!

  2. Dear Valerie,
    I enjoyed your post very much and wanted to say that I have yet to get fully back to routine, and imagine that it is rather a common experience at this time of year-vacation or no. Many, many of us seem to be rather spinning our wheels this month, and I am learning to be patient with it…perhaps that is what January is for. We push so hard at the end of the year and this seems to be a good, quiet time to replenish.
    I, too, have ambitions (your evocative list filled me with longing!), but as a caregiver for my mom who has dementia, I am learning to keep them very small and doable. So lots of rest and escape with good books and things to watch (Downton Abbey lately), and cooking from scratch have been at the top of the list these days…but I hope to build upon those as the days get longer and energy grows. In the meantime, what can wait will wait.
    It is a lovely time to plot and plan, I think.
    With warm wishes,

  3. Your post reminded me of two things.
    1.) I need to prune our apple tree.
    2.) I love Hawaii. How did you manage to jet away to the blissful isle? And what did you do?

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