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  1. It's Bigelow's Earl Grey for me, curled up with BrocanteHome reading of some sort or a lovely mid-19th century British author, like Dickens, Scott, Austen or Bronte. Or a little Americana like Alcott. I should stop there, because I could go on listing my favorite authors all day.
    LOVE all the sidebar updates!

  2. Pick a bunch of mint from the garden or window sill and steep it in boiling water. Add honey to taste and almost free tea.

    1. I'm a horticulturist as well as a tea lover, and I thought I'd mention that if you ever see a variety called Kentucky Colonel spearmint, get it. It's the most potent spearmint variety I've ever come across, perfectly lovely for tea.

  3. I'm with Brunette! Earl Grey is so comforting to me. I do love a variety, though, for days when I'm in the mood. I have a rose tea that is really nice–not too strong, and with tiny rosebuds. So pretty. 🙂

    1. Ooh, you just reminded me of another one I like but haven't seen in the store in a while, pomegranate white tea. The perfect blend of sweet and tart, requiring the merest hint of sugar to bring out the flavor. I'm going to have to try to find it on Amazon since my local health food store doesn't carry it anymore.
      Wow, I just found *lavender* Earl Grey..

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