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  1. Why is it that people who are supposed to be so enlightened as to our "roles" in life and so blissfully happy in their own choices have so much TIME on their hands to search websites as lovely as yours and try and criticize and tear them up and make you feel like being content, blessed, and happy are a bad thing?
    Seems to me that your critic is searching for his/her own answers in life and obviously doesn't "get" your site. We get it, we love it, and we wish that your critic would find a life that would make him/her so content that making a nice meal, sharing time with family, or enjoying the pleasures of a warm and inviting home wouldn't seem threatening to him/her.
    You don't have to defend your day to anyone. You're trying to make the best of your life and make it as pleasant and lovely as you can. Your glass is half full. God bless you for it.
    "Critic" can start his/her own website where he/she can whine, moan, and complain about how scenting laundry with lavender will tear apart the fabric of our lives and end feminism as we know it. Guaranteed no one wants to visit his/her site!! Stick to the real problems in life, "Critic" and stop picking on happy people just b/c you're not one of them.
    Keep on Alison!!

  2. Agh! The mental strain and torture! Save me! You mean, you actually lit candles, bought daffodils and made dinner?! Surely at any moment there will be a knock at the door and you will be arrested for such heinous activities!
    Really though, really! Brocante Home has had such a positive effect on my home and life, and I really don't think my mental health has suffered any strain!
    If people spent the same energy being positive and lovely as some do being negative and unlovely, how wonderful the world would be!
    Now I am off to water my own pot of paperwhites!

  3. I think that you once said Alison how good the blogosphere is for like minded people to connect.Anybody who doesn't want to be inspired by your scrumptious site can just blog off somewhere else.I for one have had a sense of relief to know that although I my be different to alot of my friends I an by no means abnormal!Thank you,thank you,thank you!!

  4. I totally concur with the other girls !!! Why cant people live and let live ??? There is always somebody waiting to tear you down for having a lovely life. Why dont they go get a life of their own and leave us to enjoy ours !! Dearest Alison, you have changed my life and I am forever grateful. Keep up the wonderful work…we are all behind you one hundred percent. Hugssss

  5. Alison,
    You and your site are imperative! Don't ever stop!You provide such inspiration for us all. This person who criticized you is simply jealous and well, obviously, not very intelligent. Our lifestyle is one of choice and we are quite happy with having made our decisions…
    Your site is such an asset. We are all very grateful for everything that you do, so simply ignore the ignorant!!!
    Much love and admiration,

  6. Obviously these snotty comments are from someone with an already tenuous hold on their mental health. I would like to join in the chorus and say that you inspire me. Thank you! (and hope that your Finley is feeling better!)

  7. Ali … we've just about talked ourselves to death on this subject. All I can say is … don't bother ~ you'll just be wasting your breath! There'll be another waiting in line to knock you down. Aren't you just SICK of minds so feeble they need to be concerned (and therefore feign defense of) a flock of 'imaginary friends' who are so obviously unable to stop themselves from looking at your site.

  8. keeping house is not a new 'thing', Mary loved to housekeep and make life pretty for Joseph & Jesus. so this person needs to really chill out. Maybe they should fret over the terroists in the world or all the other injustices that are occuring daily. Inpsiring women to pretty their homes up and enjoy it, is a great thing Alison – for years homemakers like me have been made feel that our 'job' is not worthwhile and to find Brocante home a year ago kinda helped me realize that what I am doing is really wonderful – sad but true that I had to be told by someone else – so stop fretting, forget this weirdo and do what you do best.

  9. Hi,
    Wondering if you got my email this week? It certainly would have cancelled out the other one. I sent you an absolutely gushing fan letter about how wonderful you are and how much I loved your site and what you are doing. I just found this, and have been reading everything you write voraciously.

  10. Aaaargh!!!
    As someone who has been on both sides of the blanket (so to speak), as a working mum and a SAHM, I would much rather be at home. I love to look after my family and home and make it lovely for Yog and the kids. And for me too. Apparently now, it's a crime to want to cook, clean and do the laundry with lavender water! Your detractor needs to be aware that the way we live is by choice. We would be doing it with or without you, Ali. But I'm so glad we have you, to pep us up when we think it's all a bit hard, to give us scrumptious new ideas. I for one, am so happy that there is BrocanteHome – and I'm pretty sure I'm not a loony tune!! Which by the way, I find very insulting. Fancy implying that we all have a tenuous grasp of our own mental health – how rude.

  11. Don't get me started!!! Who are these people that think they know what is best for us??? Last time I checked I thought that we as women have choices!!!
    Alison, I have learned so much from you, I thought that I was the only one who yearned to stay home with my children and raise them, and to make my home lovely and cozy. Then I found your site! You continue to encourage and inspire me to be not only a true vintage housekeeper but a better person!!!
    You my dear are AWESOME!!!!

  12. De-lurking to say that your day sounds both wonderful and inspirational, but I still have absolutely no idea how you manage to fit it all in.
    Have recently discovered your blog and am having so much fun with it. Thank you!

  13. actually Alison, I have been reading this post again and again,shaking my head that it has come to this – hate mail. A scary world.
    however, in reading – made me realize we ALL have the same lives – day in day out – boring stuff if we let it be – you make it fun and can relate it in fun way.

  14. Alison, it is truely sad that people feel the need to tear others down to make themselves better.
    I also find it sad that this person apparently claims to be a feminist and yet fails to recognize just what feminism was about. It wasn't about getting women into the work-force to be "productive members of society." It was about giving women a choice. Just as some women choose to go out into the work force and hold down a steady job whilst also trying to maintain a house and family, others choose to stay at home and raise their family. There is nothing wrong with it and it certainly does not set feminism back at all.
    In fact if your detractor was paying any attention to society at all, they would realize that more and more women are making the choice to stay at home because they don't want to do it all anymore. They've been there, done that, and it is enough that they have the opportunity to make the decision for themselves as to how they will live their lives.
    So keep on doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration to many of us (even those of us who don't want to stay at home everyday) and well the others don't have to read your site, now do they?

  15. Hi Alison…I love Brocante and find your writing both fun and inspiring.You have far more many ladies loving you than keep it coming. :0)

  16. Oh Alison, All I can say that this person (and their supposed friends) obviously has nothing better to do and my mental health has actually improved by reading your gorgeous site! I have also been on both sides of the fence and love being a SAHM and your site has given me so many wonderful ideas not only on homemaking but it is also a wealth of information on other websites, books, etc. Shame on you for having lavendar smelling knickers! Hope your curly haired mop top is feeling better. Petah

  17. There's an old saying (I think it is Native American) that I try to remember when others are unkind about me: "what they think of me is none of my business." Bottom line, Alison, is that you cannot control what others do, think or say, you can only control youself. Your efforts have brought many people joy but mostly, I think, brought joy to your own life. Be true to yourself and continue your happy homemaking. I appreciate you and your efforts.

  18. Oh Alison reading about your day has me in a tizzy. My vulnerable little mind just can't take it. How ever can I live up to your expectations? That person who wrote to you is out of HER mind! How silly! Those people say they are about choice, but the only thing they are about is THEIR choice! I can't beleive this person actually thinks we're vulnerable idiots! Duh! Give us some credit lady! She's the one making women look like narrow minded dodo's saying things like that! Thank's for doing what you do Alison! Lot's of Love! -Susana

  19. Well, heck, I buy flowers, light candles, and all that… I don't scrub the bathtub, though. Ever. It's scary.
    For the record, your cup of tea is not mine. But – the world is more cheerful and entertaining with you in it.
    I used to hang around with some medieval recreationists. There are Civil War recreationists. Why not 1950's housewife recreationists? No one accuses the medieval recreationists of being a shame to feminism and wanting to drag women back to the 12th century!

  20. Delurking to comment that, as a professional woman and coincidentally a mother of three, it continually irks me that others feel perfectly free to decide what's in my best interest. The unhappiness Betty Friedan documented 40 years ago, "that has no name", was brought on by just such absolutist attitudes. It's equally wrong to insist that women have to work outside the home as it is to insist that they must not. And can't we try to inject some grace into our home lives, regardless? Your site is a bright spot, and I don't even feel inadequate when I read it!

  21. I can talk for myself thank you very much…. and no MAN would ever want to try to tell me what is good for me. This man is is not defending anyone.. I believe that any decent woman should be able to defend themself.. and not stand behind a man's shirt and tie. Obviously this man does not have a good woman propping him up. I am sorry if I have offended anyone… I just think that Alison is doing a wonderful thing and no one should penetrate the preciousness of her blog. It should be tenderly cared for and respected. Otherwise… leave well alone! Hugs to Alison.

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