A Guide To Green HouseKeeping

By Alison September 5, 2008 1 Min Read


If you choose to own only one book on green housekeeping then as a vintage kinda girl this is the only one you should offer Brocante shelf room to, if only because it is written by Christina Strutt of Cabbage and Roses fame, and thus is blessed with the kind vintage housekeeping imagery that makes pinny wearers like us swoon

My favorite tip… lemon scented rags. Seep rags in two parts white vinegar to one part oil (olive or lemon) with the curly peel of a lemon in a screw top jam jar, and shake and leave until required. Et voila, lemon scented cleaning rags! Fill a pantry shelf with jam-jars full of fresh rags and come over all domesticated when you see them…

Vintage loveliness that costs nothing and gently scents the house without toxic chemicals? Just what the (house) doctor ordered.

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