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By Alison June 29, 2005 12 Comments 2 Min Read


Thank you all so much for all the kind thoughts and prayers you have sent our way in the past few weeks. I am still in Alder Hey Childrens Hospital with my little angel and though it can’t be helped I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that BrocanteHome has come to such a sudden holt.

As most of you know Finley has been a little unwell for a while: not in a dramatic way, but just not himself, and if you look at the photograph above you will see that his stomach is bloated more than it should be, and this little beer belly is the cause of all our worries…

This week has been the scariest of my life, but as each serious illness is ticked off we are beginning to feel calmer and it is entirely possible that he may be suffering from something as simple as a very constipated tummy: but until all the tests are complete we can’t be sure.The Doctors have been wonderful, and as Alder Hey is famous for, have taken the upmost care with our precious little boy. He isn’t in any pain at all, and he is, as always an absolute joy: kissing the nurses Good Morning, and as protocol demands shaking the hand of the rather stuffy consultant, and giggling whenever he calls him "Sir".  In short, he seems to view our ward, and teeny tiny room as our holiday home and is having a fine old time, though even he agrees the food isn’t up to much!! 

If only I felt the same. The past six nights have been hell. I am exhausted and empty and frightened and bored. Wonderful as it is, the NHS works at a snails pace and the facilities leave a lot to be desired (my bed is in a cupboard!!). There is only so much puttering you can do on an ugly hospital ward, however the routines and rituals I adore are the mainstay of a childrens ward and I am starting to look forward to tea and toast time with glee…

We are ok. So please don’t worry. Whatever it is, the doctors assure me that it is fixable and in the end all I care about is that after having been rehydrated, Finley, though lacking in energy due to the fact that he can’t eat, is in essence back to his scrumptious little self, and each night I am having the sheer joy of lying next to my little boy and listening to him breathe as we sleep…

Nothing lasts forever: thats what I keep telling myself- we’ll be home before we know it and life will return to normal. Bear with me?


  1. kali says:

    Dear Alison ~ simply put You are a wonderful mother to a special little boy…nuff said.
    You're so right ~ nothing lasts forever ~
    Take all the time you need…kali xx

  2. melissa says:

    We're praying that the doctors can pinpoint little Finn's illness very soon. And that you and Mark can feel normalcy again in the very near future.
    You're loved…all over the world.

  3. megan says:

    oh i'm so sorry to hear that. my thoughts are with you and your family. best wishes.

  4. robyn says:

    darling sweet Alison – thanks so much for taking the time to let us know! will keep you all in my prayers, thoughts and my heart – til you can come back and guide your vintage housekeepers – love & hugs always x x x

  5. Gayla says:

    Oh, honey,
    Thanks for letting us share in what has been happening. You and Finley are among friends here, and although we miss you SO much, we truly understand and want you to take all the time you need to get to feeling better AND your scrumptious little boy. It is good to hear from you and to hear that the dreadful illnesses are ruled out… Having a Brocante/Vintage lifestyle is actually the backbone of a Brocante Vintage way of life, philosophy, and living. As I suspected, you rise to the challenge both in your little sweet nest and out in the windy, chilly, and very scary world. What a wonderful wife and mommy you are. Take care of all you love, and please take care of yourself as well… Here's to a happy homecoming SOON! Love always and a day, Gayla

  6. Kerry says:

    Oh dear Alison … thank you so much for the update. And so pleased to hear that, although you've been through a difficult time, whatever it is is 'fixable'. Yep, having spent numerous nights in makeshift hospital beds beside an unwell baby, I hope your stay is over with soon … My mantra during those bad times has always been "This too shall pass … this too shall pass".
    All my love and hugs from across the world.

  7. Keri says:

    Oh Allison, I wish there was something that I could do to make you and Finn more comfortable. I'm so glad that he's happy and hungry (always a good sign!) and that you can be with him through all this.

  8. Susana says:

    Ali, It is so good to hear news about Finley. He seems like such a wonderful little boy. Bless his heart and yours. Take care, and make the best of your time together there at the hospital. Love, Susana

  9. kelly says:

    My 9ys and 4yd have prayed for little Finn every night. And I have said a special prayer for Mom. I pray you can feel the love and prayers that are being offered for your special family!

  10. amy says:

    Love to you Alison* Hang in there girlie little Fin is a toughy and he will be himself again soon. Been praying loads in my mind but not a lot of time lately to post on the forum. xoxooox

  11. Louise says:

    Oh Alison! I just now found this post ~ I haven't been on any forums for weeks. I've been praying all along for you and your sweet little one, and after reading your note I am so relieved to hear it is something that can be cured and is not serious. Hugs from me and my little ones to you and your precious Fin!

  12. Louise says:

    Oh Alison ~ I just now found your note (I haven't been able to read the forum for weeks). I've been praying all along for you and your little one, and now I am relieved to hear it is nothing serious and can be corrected! Lots and lots of prayers and love and hugs from my little ones and me, to you and your precious Fin!

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