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  1. Hi Alison,
    I really enjoy your blog, even though I'm not really a housekeeper. I'm a student and I live on my own, but I love vintage things and the like and do my best to enjoy the pretty and simple things! That said, I really enjoy looking at your pin-board but I can't seem to find it now. Has it disappeared? If so, I do hope you will bring it back. If not, I seem to have lost it-silly me! Could you point out where it is?

  2. I love the smoothie zone idea and the addition of rose and orange water! During the summer I end up making the kids a smoothie every afternoon as an after park treat and it is the one thing they focus on when it comes to summer break.
    I 'll have to give the waters a try 🙂

  3. Today I made my Garden Basket. We recently moved to our home which has a LOVELY backyard. We dine outside almost as much as we dine in now! But it is true that every time I run up the stairs and into the kitchen for salt and pepper, napkins, towel, etc. So, I adored this idea! Plus, I have a very productive garden so I included in the basket small cutting board and knife for picking something truly fresh and prepping it outside.
    Thanks for the inspiration! btw, I have a blog just for lovely food, separate from my regular family blog. It's:

    1. Daja adding a cutting board and knife for home grown staright from the ground produce is an utterly scrumptious idea! Hope the basket makes life that little bit easier.x

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