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  1. Well , that is so subtle the point has missed me entirely. To connect a supposedly high end product with something mundane like window cleaner doesn’t make it attractive in my view. Which means as an advert it has failed. Although you could argue people might remember it for being ridiculous.

  2. I can’t imagine any woman buying that for herself, and frankly if Dearly Beloved bought it for me, he might just live to regret it!
    Of course, we could all decant our Chanel no 5 into a real windex bottle!

  3. I’ll take a good streak free glass cleaner over expensive perfume any day. “High and low,” my right eye. Mr. Scott’s house cleaner should quit and then he’d know the real difference.

  4. Ummmm no. Just no. It would look terribly out of place on my ultra feminine vanity table. I would keep thinking I left the cleaner there. I find it insulting. Will they start marketing men’s fragrances in bottles that look like weed killer or motor oil, or something else equally “manly?” Hmmph!

  5. well, call me crazy, but I don’t think household cleaner is all that mundane. I kind of groove on cleaning products anyway… Maybe not Windex, but… think this is a bit stupid with a side of insult… ah me…

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