A Year of Puttery Treats

By Alison May 25, 2011 7 Comments 3 Min Read

Hello Sweethearts. Here I am almost a month into my digital sabbatical and I am finally getting my groove on and pulling together all the little projects I had been hoping to tackle for ever such a long time….
The past few weeks have been some kind of wonderful: but I miss you. I miss you madly. Each day brings new things I want to share with you and then I remember that  while I am always here in spirit I am supposed to be dedicating my mind and body to finishing things, and starting things and creating things and just kinda being…
But still. Here I am again because in between making the huge decision that is taking Finley out of school to send him to one more suited to his joyful, chaotic, imagination, worrying myself silly about a long list of nonsense and still finding myself entirely unwilling to commit to a pair of curtains for the living room, I have at least, finished something and I wanted to pass it on to you as quickly as I could so I can move on and perhaps throw myself into something of a creative roll…
You never know your luck…
So here it is: for all those of you who didn’t subscribe to the Puttery Post last year, I have finally managed to gather all 365 scrumptious puttery treats together and hereby offer them to you for sale in my darling little shop
This is so exciting for me personally, because it is quite the grandest writing commitment I have ever undertaken and while it involved hours of vintage housekeeping research the end result is more than worth the time it took to collate 365 gorgeous puttery treats, (more than 72000 words in all!), all designed to show you the way to a life abundant with small pleasures, delicious recipes, housekeeping routine, personal ritual and family celebration…
So if you missed out last year and are feeling a teeny bit down in the dumps today, then now is the time to kick-start a lovelier way of life…
Sample treats from the download?
The Worry Bead Ritual.
The Vintage Biscuit Tin
Welcoming Hesta the Domestic Goddess Home
National Lumpy rug Day (!)
Ribbon Threaded Blankets
The Family Reference Shelf
Becoming an Ambitious Collector
Treasuring Flannel Sheets
The Cream-of-Tartar Bath
Operation Soft and Snuggly
Housekeepers Flip Album
Mom To Babba Love Notes
Gifting the Key to Your Door
Cooling Hoops
Little People Bath-time Blend
Shiny Happy Skirting Boards
Housekeepers Story Time
Saying No to Sartorial Grot
The Goodnight Basket
And hundreds more besides!
Click here to buy it now
Because YES, Sweetheart, LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THIS SCRUMPTIOUS and though it has taken really rather drastic action on my behalf to remind myself what really matters in this world, this time out from my usual routine has reminded me how wonderful life is when I let it be shaped by domestic routine, puttery treats and the kind of quiet inspiration I am not in too much of a hurry to share…
It’s been good for me and I’m not quite ready to give it up yet. Not certain just where this period of reflection is yet going to take me.
I do hope you are all well. Consider this a virtual kiss won’t you? I’m thinking of you always.x


  1. Wendy says:

    I miss you,too! x

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oooh thank you Darling, I'm kind of bursting with things to say..!x

  2. Amelia says:

    So glad you stopped by yesterday, it gave me the opportunity to follow you back here and wow- I nearly swooned looking around your site- it's just so lovely!

    1. brocantehome says:

      Thank-you Amelia, it's lovely to meet you!x

  3. Keeperofthecookiejar says:

    After payment will it be sent to our email?
    I can hardly wait!

    1. Keeperofthecookiejar says:

      Oh, I have it! Thanks!

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