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  1. Oh divine, exactly what I needed, ironically I spent the day painting chairs (not as glamorously as the darling in the picture though, me thinks im in need of a painting frock now.) You can always make me laugh, Richard sounds wonderful.
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  2. I got a guy just like Richard and I love him to pieces…even after 31 years. Thank goodness my Jim is so handy because I could never afford to hire someone to keep up with our "ancient", lovely house. We planted a couple apple trees this weekend and with all the other yard work, I'm kinda achy too. Have a good week. Smile, Sally

  3. Errmm, pictures???????!!!!!! (of the garden I mean, not Richard, although…………!!)
    I am so happy that you are happy, and have found someone to do the things you deserve, to make your heart swoon. xx

  4. I have a great man in my life that likes to fix up the house. We are in the middle of a complete overhaul, adding a new bedroom (which is finished, yay!), moving the kids around, putting up a fence and many other things. It is back breaking work. Glad to see you so happy and with a wonderful man that makes your heart do acrobatics.____Thanks for this recipe. It sounds divine. I will definitely have to try it out when all of my work is done (as if lol).____~Stacy~
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