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  1. Ah, so sorry to hear of your heart ache. Your post is perfectly timed for your situation. I wish you all the best for love and happiness in the future.

  2. I just wanted to write and say that Brocante Home Chronicles has gotten me out of many a low spirit. Wishing you tubs full of Ben & Jerry's and a heart that heals soon.
    Oh, and I second Gena's opinion. Although you're right – the html thing will be a loss.

  3. I'd offer you condolences but, according to number 12 you're not allowed to communicate with me right now.
    (Anyway – I do hope you see your way through this with the least amount of misery…I'm not qualified to advise since I'd be just as moist about the matter.)

  4. Oh Alison I am sorry. However, I feel there is a very nice chappy out there for you…perhaps with a double roll top bath and fully up and running web design business? Hang on in there me dear, you are very gracious in your heart ache.

  5. Thank you Alison for finding this treasure of a letter then sharing with us. I certainly need this now, too. Thank you, sweet friend that I've never met.

  6. If you look at it as a years worth of perspective, it's amazing how you've changed, grown, know more about yourself… You are so darling to read. Isn't maddening that we can't inspire ourselves?? Blessings… Polly

  7. Sorry to hear that Alison, but alas, love can be fickle… and you are more than deserving of that pint of Ben & Jerry's… I love your blog and you INSPIRE me everytime you write…

  8. Oh, Allison, you dear sweet poppet! As Lynda said, NO one's really very good at relationships…but YOU my dear, ARE very good period! In my book that trumps EVERYTHING! :o) Go on luv, enjoy your Ben and Jerry's….even truncate it with warm, gooey fudge brownies if you must. But please do know that this too shall pass….likely eased on ever-so-graciously by the juciest hunk of man-beast known to woman! ;o)

  9. I am sorry about the fella. But he wasn't THE ONE. Hold on…I'm sure the right man is on his way!
    I liked the "low spirits" advice so much I copied it and put it on my blog site…giving credit to you for finding it and to Sydney Smith for writing it. I hope you don't mind. Good advice is getting harder to come by these days and I thought this was VERY good advice.
    Thank you, Allison for finding gems like this to share..
    God bless.

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