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  1. Thanks for the link to the list of books! I have been half-heartedly looking for any of them, but so far havn't found a thing! I have made a list to take on my next trip to the library (I like to test run them before I buy).
    By the way – you are the only person who understands my obsession with ironing my tea towels! Thank you 🙂 At least I know I'm not the only one…

  2. I adore her. I bought and read "Living a Beautiful Life" while I was in college and it really inspired me to find a bit of beauty then. I too go back to her books and am always reinspired.

  3. I love her, she is such an eloquent writer and has a passion, much like you do, for beauty and substance. "The Decoration of Houses" is quite a terrific book. I am reading this one right now!

  4. I love Alexandra Stoddard! I have Living A Beautiful Life, and Gift of a Letter. And I was squinting away at your photo of your books, trying to see more titles! My guilty secret is that whenever I am at someones house, I cannot help peeking at their bookshelf! And I just spent my weekend taking every book off my shelves, sorting and restacking. And now I am wondering, are vintage style bookplates a step too far…?!

  5. I love Alexandra as well!!! I read her book 'Living a beautiful life' when I was trying to get my chaotic life in order.. I may need to re-read it.
    She's great!!

  6. I absolutely adore Ms. Stoddard. I am currently borrowing Tea Celebrations from the library. I am fortunate to own Living a Beautiful Life, and I think it's time to reread it and peruse used book stores for more of her wonderful volumes.
    I LOVE your website! It really pulled me in and makes me feel connected to others that feel the same way I do about life.

  7. I adore Alexandra and her books! My hubby and I attended one of her "Happiness Weekends" at her cottage in Stonington, CT last year and it was a wonderful time. She and Peter are such dear gracious people. I originally met her in 1994 and have told many people about her books! 🙂

  8. I have been reading Alexandra Stoddard's books since 1991 while living in Alaska. I love the way she writes, and her appreciation for the lovely things in life. Very uplifting to read and always feel more positive after reading her words. I just happened to stumble on her books while browsing in the bookstore — looking for something beautiful and inspiring to read. What a beautiful lady.

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