Alice's Rituals…

By Alison December 3, 2004 No Comments 2 Min Read


No.1: Breakfast in Bed.

The Idea…

Indulge your inner princess with a morning spent in your boudoir. Get up early, run yourself a bubbly bath, then dress in your most decadent nightie (frou frou ladies?), take the phone off the hook and climb back into heaven. Total bliss…

  1. No men! This is your time. Your body is your temple, Darling, and what God has created, let no man try to seduce.
  2. No kids or pets. Do you not understand the meaning of self indulgence? Banish them!
  3. Luxurious bedlinen. Accept no compromise. Only the finest antique linen or the crispest Eygptian cotton will do.
  4. A room with a view. Fling open the curtains and let the morning sun bless your pampered soul.
  5. A gorgeous tray arranged with the most enchanting little treats.  Strawberries and chantilly cream, rose truffles, pancakes stuffed with berries, hot chocolate and champagne. A girl needs sustenance.
  6. Cushions and pillow in all shapes and sizes. All the better to recline upon.
  7. A good book. Find something girly or inspiring. Try Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro. Failing that Vogue never fails to satisy the true fashionista and the Sunday Times "Style" supplement is always fun in a sarcastic kind of way.
  8. Breakfast at Tiffanys. Hell why not flick on a DVD and make a day of it?


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