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  1. Interesting. Possibly our ideas of her life are more glamourous than the real deal. If you really think about it, she looks a bit lonely and no little "Finley" to hold. But a character, none the less, I'll admit. Where do you find your treasures like this?

  2. Among my most treasured possessions are a photo album and a scrapbook that belonged to my grandmother — photos of her days as a girl at school, her travels out West in 1912, scraps of all the meaningful things that happened to her as a new wife and mother. I never knew her, as she died years before I came along, but when my aunt, her daughter, entrusted these to me I felt honored and connected to my family in a way I never had before. The photo album you have is a treasure — I like to think that somewhere her granddaughter may be surfing the internet and just happen upon this blog and in turn happen upon the profound feelings I have been blessed to experience. Stranger things have happened….

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