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  1. That was so sweet of your Mum. I am forever losing things too. My husband gave me a lovely old rose gold watch for my birthday and do you think I can find it? You have made me want to go and find it. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I know what you mean about missing jewellery! You can never find it when you want it! Love your site, I have just begun one too, if you click you can see my very messy deco style dressing table-complete with jewellery!
    Hope people visit me too one day!!

  3. It is so funny My sister and I have passed some of our old stuff down to my niece. It so brings back memories. I still have a cabodle with all of my jewelry as a kid or most of it and it is so fun to look through it, it just brings back the best memories!

  4. Hi,
    that must have been some treasure hunt !!! I would love to see some things again that I have lost through the years. Some things can't be traced back though, as they where lost in moves from one house to the other, that's a shame, but some of the jewelry owned by my mom, she gave to me and I'm very proud of that !!!

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