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  1. Ace news! It’s hard to ask for help, when you accept it, it makes such a difference. It opens up your life for better things to enter. x

  2. I m so pleased for you Alison, Steve sounds like he’s worth his wait in gold, looking forward to the future with Brocantehome xx

  3. So happy to hear that you are back. We missed you! I noticed you changed the “Vintage wellbeing” back to “Vintage Housekeeping” Good for you! It was the “Vintage Housekeeping” part that brought me to your “Scrumptious Treats” book on Amazon in the first place 🙂

  4. I am so excited and happy for you. I love the inspiration you bring into my life. Thank you so much. Glad your are back!

  5. My dear I am so glad to hear from you!
    I am excited to see you putting one foot in front of the other! The only way to do it, if we want to go anywhere ;-). With your new man taking care of the business end of things, this should free you up to do where your true talents lie – creating! ! Imagine all the things you could do! And with him, making the idea’s become reality!!! God bless on your new ventures! !!

  6. I am simply dancing in my chair to see you back!! I saw your status change on FB and I have to say, Ste is a very very lucky man (and apparently quite intelligent). So happy to have you back, I’ve missed you quite a bit.
    Also, as a former nail biter, use Nailtiques on your nails and you’ll be growing out lovely nails in a month-I promise.
    Oooooh, so happy!!

  7. As always, I knew you’d be back to our little corner of the world that you help us make happy and pretty. So over the moon for you and your new romance, Alison! You deserve all the happiness and more. We, faithful Brocante Sisters, are here for you through thick and thin.
    Looking forward to hearing more and sharing more.

  8. Yippee!!! I was worried. I ADORE your writing and don’t want it to EVER stop. Even in the bad times, hard times, devastating and depressing times I still find your thoughts and feelings a comfort to read about. I’ve loved you long time, Alison. I’m so very thankful you have a love in your life. If he messes with your heart I swear I will march across the pond and let him have it!
    Carry on 🙂

  9. So very happy you are back. And as a long time fan/groupie (but not in a scary way, I hope) I too, am willing to help with whatever you need. Gllad that things are going better.

  10. Darling Alison – I’m so delighted you are back – I’ve missed you so!! Wishing you all the luck in the world for the future!! Xxx

  11. This week just gets better and better and better!!!!
    Alison, I am so delighted that you are back on line. Now, gerl, (that’s ‘girl’ said in my best scouse accent, there) keep yourself together and ask when you need help. And I am so looking forward to what the summer will bring. Woo hoo! Brocante Home is back!

  12. Bless your hear, I’m so happy you are back. I tapped the Brocante icon on my iPad more in hope than expectation and there you were 🙂 I can only echo what everyone else has said – it’s wonderful to have you back.

  13. Bless you Alison and Ste! This is marvy news and I am sure your happiness will bless others lives…..through working together on this site. What a great idea!

  14. I’m so glad to hear that you’re back, Alison. I’ve been following your blog for years, and I’ve kept pretty quiet until now. 🙂 You’ve made such a world of difference in my daily life, teaching me to embrace ordinary tasks and turning them into something beautiful and extraordinary. When your blog went on a break, I regretted never having said enough to let you know how much you’ve inspired me and so many others. Blog on, Alison, and we’ll be listening.

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