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  1. OoohOooh I am giddy with excitement! Thank you so much Alison! Oddly enough I have been thinking about you this weekend, re reading ‘love life and vintage housekeeping’ in an effort to get my act together! What a lovely start to my week xx

  2. Hi Alison,
    Wow, wow, wow! Doing the happy dance!
    So glad to have won and looking forward to the Housekeeper’s Digest.
    Here’s to a beautifully tranquil Brocante life!
    Love and big big thank you 🙂
    Susan x

  3. Hi Alison,
    This sounds divine! I’ve always thought of myself as a Vintage Homemaker, but would love to implement more of your wonderful ideas into my life.

  4. Hi Alison
    Did you receive my postal address? I sent it via the contact me button on your website.
    Really looking forward to receiving my prizes!

  5. Hi,
    did you receive my postal address? I sent it via the contact me button on your website!
    All the best

  6. Still haven’t received my prize! Alison, did you forget?
    Sent you an email, but haven’t received a reply either.

  7. Still didn’t receive my prize. Very disappointing , Alison, especially as I have received no reply to emails I sent you. I was worried that it had got lost in the post , but now beginning to think there never was a prize. Did the other winners receive anything? Feeling let down!

  8. Now 3 months since you announced I won the grand prize. Every day I hurry home hoping today is the day I get my parcel. Was excited, then annoyed, then worried it was lost in the post, then sympathetic when I read about your tough summer, now just feeling disappointed. Wish you would reply. Wondering if I should cancel my subscription , wondering if the prize, the Housekeeper’s Digest , the School of Life will ever materialise.
    I want to act with love, so I will give it one more month. I hope by the end of October I will receive the prize and be implementing your ideas.
    I love your work, Alison, but I feel sad that you had a competition to gain fresh ideas, raised my hopes of a nice wee prize, then didn’t deliver or explain why.

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