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  1. That IS fabulous!
    I put it on my Wishlist for after we finish paying for van repairs and the girls’ bedroom remodel. *sigh*
    I was just thinking yesterday that I should get out my aprons and use them again, because they put me in a puttery cleaning mood, and my under-renovation house could use me in that mood…

  2. I love the gallopy horses! And you are quite right that a good apron with a useful neckline is not to be sniffed at! (unless washed in lavender and lemon, of course; when one should do very little else!)

  3. I love an apron and I have made about five (three for me and two for my friend) from a 1950’s pattern but they are the “around the waist” type but they do have four very deep pockets – lovely :).

    1. Hi Margaret, I scent pinnies by handwashing them in lavender and lemon scented laundry powder, then press them with lavender linen water..x

      1. Thank you for the reply, sorry to be a pest but I see that Surf do lavender and camomile or sunny lemon powder is this the sort of stuff you mean.

        1. Check out Alison’s ‘Recipes and Remedies’ download for homemade laundry detergent you can scent however you want, with essential oils.

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