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By Alison November 9, 2009 No Comments 2 Min Read

Now then my darling Housekeepers, can I ask you a quick question? I have recently, rather disasterously, messed up my blogger template and find myelf having to start from scratch and while fiddling about with the template found myself itching to fiddle about with the design all over again. Because I can’t leave things alone. And I’m never satisfied. And it has recently struck me that fiddly, bloggy, design stuff makes my heart sing and a singing heart makes a smiley face and we will all feel better for that now won’t we?

But as usual I digress. At the beginning of this year I hopped over to Blogger from my once beloved Typepad, lost my entire subscriber base in the process (Yes indeed: I’m that bright!), and found myself with a content management system that didn’t leave me constantly bewildered. I was happy. I was so happy in fact, that I went completely mental, abandoned the cherry red polka dots I’d come to know and love and shrugged on another blogs clothes entirely, complete my darlings, with a banner one of my readers rather charmingly called “The Ikea Rug”. And now I’m sad.

While the current design took a lot of work, I’m still not sure how I feel about it, and at times it feels a little at odds with the personality of Brocante. There is a bit of me that feels possessed by the urge to start all over again…
What do you think? Which is your favorite banner? Did you prefer the polka dots over the current wallpaper?  I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could take a moment out of your busy day to tell me. I am sending you scrumptious Brocante kisses in grateful advance….

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