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  1. I’m trying to have a massive clearout at the moment. I am meant to be working on the cellar right now but keep finding things to do and read! This kind of detachment is what I need to remember as I work my way through things, that they are just things and the memories are what are most important.
    Thank you for this today x

  2. This was a lovely post. Thank you because it was good to hear (read). It reinforces the direction I have been going as I put things in the trash or donation box that I never thought I could part with.

  3. I have the loft to tidy. A family of 10 could live up there happily as so much furniture and crockery mirrors pictures chairs et al. Would welcome Alfie to help me de clutter.

  4. Exactly! and amen. I am purging our bookcases. Alfie is welcome to come help. I have books I have never read and do not intend to read. Why should they take up value space of books that are truly loved. I have a vast amount of paper that needs to go away. Clothes that we do not use or wear that I am sure someone else would love. I feel lighter already. Wonderful post. I believe I have a copy of The Water Babies around here also.

  5. Well, aside from the de-attaching…..puppies do best when well supervised. We usually set aside the kitchen with gates or some such or a crate, when our puppies are young (and sometimes that can be up to a couple years old). And in they go when we cannot keep an eye on them. Because, unfortunately, even though most of the chewing goes away when their teeth come in, sometimes they have created bad habits in the meanwhile and who wants to let a good puppy turn into a bad dog. 🙂

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