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  1. Well the first thing to do is make sure that your handkerchief is sprayed lightly with your favourite perfume or linen water! And if you favour tissues, Marks and Spencers do these divine lavender scented ones, printed with tiny sprigs of lavender. Happy blowing!

  2. ooh, this is a subject I know something about 🙁
    Steam… lots of it! If you have menthol crystals or vapour rub, plonk some in a bowl of boiling water after getting yourself a nice fluffy towel. Head over bowl while water still hot (not too close, now!) towel over head. Emerge, redfaced and spluttering. Carry on for as long as you can and as often as you can. This dilutes the gunk and enables it to flow through the sinuses. But it has the side effect of clearing the pores as well. (And the virus don't like the rise in temperature. Not at all!)
    Nice steamy baths with sprigs of rosemary in muslin bags to keep it herded.
    Also, vapour rub below the nostrils and on the forehead will help keep the nose clear during the night and clear the sinuses behind your eyebrows. (Check for allergies and clean your face religiously.)
    Prop up the top end of the mattress to assist in drainage and stop that nasty post nasal drip.
    And your eyeballs don't fall out when you blow your nose, only when you sneeze with your eyes open… which is why eyelids always shut when you get that old familiar tickle.
    Ditch the dairy for a bit and any other mucus producing foods.
    You could always send messages to your sinuses to be clear and for the snot to return to normal: problem is, it's just clearing the infection…
    Get well soon, chuck…

  3. I can sympathise, it seems that every spring and autumn I sneeze my head off too. There is a product you can get from your doctor/chemist called Flixonase which is what I use, it's a god send!

  4. You sound miserable Aisaon. I don't know about the blowing business, but a find some eucalyputs oil on your hankie helps clear your nose. Sorry I can't be of more help, but hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

  5. I've just discovered your blog – and firstly, I have that problem too – never learned to blow my nose 'properly' – thought I was the only one!!!!
    Secondly, I nearly choked laughing listening to your podcast – your little man was too funny! Oh thank you for that, I really needed a laugh today!!!

  6. Poor you – I do sympathise. That old adage "the thought is worse than the reality" might work in this case? I was unable to swallow pills until the ripe old age of 17, it didn't matter how many times I was told that the act of eating meantI was constanly swallowing great chunks of food many times bigger than a humble pill; my gag reflex would simply not allow me to swallow the damn things! When it finally clicked I remember thinking, "Gosh, that was easy, not nearly as bad as I'd expected!" Maybe this will happen for you? Good luck x

  7. I have chronic sinusitus and find that Advil Sinus and Cold works the best, though not sure if it is available where you are. Without it I could not make it through some days. Also, blow your nose with your mouth open. Was told by a specialist it is better. Try blueberry, cranberry or pomegranate juices.
    BTW, love your site.

  8. For the physical symptoms, all of the suggestions below sound great. Steam works especially well for me, too. Deep breathing through the nose (as much as you can) and exhaling slowly by mouth can also help to keep the air passage open.
    As for why the sinusitis seems to be a chronic, ongoing thing, look at what else is going on in your life whenever it flares up. Chronic illness can be a sign that there are possibly emotional or psychological things that are trying to get your attention. Like you suggested in your next post, maybe you're avoiding some important issues in your life, and it's possible that the avoidance is playing out in the form of a stuffy head. Try experimenting, pick a fear and tackle it, and see if it makes any difference in how you feel physically.

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