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  1. Ha ha ha …… Boden wearing, immaculate, Range Rover driving, Mothers of twenty babies ….lol.
    Why do we have so many of them around here?

  2. This book looks so irresistible! Although reading that Audrey (supposedly) ate pasta and chocolate with utter abandon and was effortlessly thin? Ay yi yi. Don’t tell me this! I don’t want to know! This hurts my ears! Hahaha.
    Now. I am absurdly and darkly curious about these boden-wearing women you secretly hate. Do tell. And tell in a blog post, okay?

  3. She is an intimidating lady, isn’t she? And to do it all in ankle length capri pants and ballerinas is intimidating as well. The book looks good. If I need a really good reward sometime, I’ll give it a go (I’m not sure Childwall Library will have it in! We have a lot of Boden wearing, 4×4 toting yummies hanging around here, too!).

  4. To my delight, my local library has this lovely book for borrowing and I have just picked it up today at my lunch break. I can’t wait to settle in with a cup of tea and pore over this with giddiness!

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