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  1. Alison you want to get yourself north of the border if your looking for coldness. It's blowing a gale here and it blooming freezin'

  2. I am right there with you, Alison. I have heard SO many people saying, "I'm ready for fall!" and they MEAN it! haha.. Hope we all have a wonderful seasonal scrub and a rapid approach to lovely crisp Autumn!

  3. Hope everyone is making good headway with the Scrub. This time Im just sitting on the sidelines. Having just moved into a brand new house three months ago, everything here is bright and shiny and just wonderful. Am thinking of you all. Keep up the good work. You will feel soooo good when its finished. Hugs to all.

  4. I agree! I had all the candles on last night, but felt I really needed the fan on too as it was too hot! Perhaps we should do a Brocante March Against Summer Hanging On When We Want Autumn! We could get out in the streets, don our best pinnies, and scatter scrunchy Autumn leaves before us. Maybe that would make the weathermen heed our plea?!

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