Baby Goes Vintage.

By Alison November 9, 2006 2 Comments 1 Min Read


It is a fact of life that children have bad taste.

But it surely doesn’t have to be that way? What if we had an outrageous Mommy tantrum and said a big bad no to the Power Ranger duvets? Refused to allow the  Teletubbie  posters to grace our walls? Banished Barbie from the bedroom? I mean really- would we be compromising our childrens right to self-expression??

I suppose so; but dear vintage Mummy it is also our maternal duty to teach our children good taste. Am I right, or am I  right?

So avoid the nightmare that is Toys R Us in the festive season and feel free to stuff their stockings with scrumptiousness from Baby Goes Vintage and rest assured that you are simply making the world a gentler place one Christmas present at a time. 

There is no need to feel guilty…


  1. Sara says:

    I must be a bad mummy then, because I do refuse to allow my son much of those things you talk about. And thankfully while he does have some of those toys, he is much more interested in good old fashioned cowboys, horses, farms, and anything from the American Old West.
    And that link is simply fabulous. I adore those farm wall prints and that singing cowboy nightlight.

  2. Savannah says:

    Aw…. No Batman? He's vintage… no power rangers? aw…. no Barbie? She's as vintage as I am! Aw…. I am soooo very nostalgic for Toys R us… with a 25 year old son too old for a raid on the department…. aw…. oh, ok… whatever you say, but…. If I could, I'd slip Finley something atrociously loud, plastic, and delightful! Hugs!

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