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  1. Welcome back Alison, I was delighted to find a up-date from you this morning! We miss you when you are not here. Hopefully everything will work out with the computer.

  2. Whew! I was wondering…You who Alison!
    I am glad you are upbeat, given that you lost everything on our PC! You have an amazing spirit! A true "housekeeper" to be able to bake cakes, enjoy housekeeping and snuggle-up, given all that you lost! How can we help you restore your files?

  3. Welcome back, Alison!!! There has to be a way to recover your old files…I suggest a different PC Doctor…unless it was a complete full system destructive recovery, your files should be somewhere on that drive…Don't give up until you've had a second tech's opinion…
    And yes, we were all wondering where you'd gone to…but we're all very delighted that you're back…I think most of us start off in the mornings with your site!!!

  4. 40 000 words of your novel !!! NOOOOOOO … I'm sure I'd be knocked for six for weeks by that fact alone. Ooooh Alison ~ you have to start again?!?
    Happy to hear that you've actually found some joy amongst the anguish.

  5. I am so glad to see you back online. I understand about enjoying the down time. I'm like that during a snow day from school or incredibly bad weather when we have to stay put. So fun… for a while, that is. If the FBI can find deleted files on a computer, somebody can recover your 40,000 words… Don't give up yet. It's very hard to eliminate PC files really… but they can go to limbo for a long long time. I am hoping for the best.

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