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  1. Don't beat yourself up about this one. Good and bad in both sides, It think. Gerred watched all he wanted, I think. (See, I didn't even know? haha..) and he's truly compassionate, a great soul. I love little Finley with all my heart, and I'm sure he'll be fine with a mommy like you. Go! tunes~

  2. Sometimes I think parents who get all obsessive about regulating TV time do it because they themselves have a problem turning it off. I find kids perfectly capable of finding something else to do when it occurs to them. It's adults who keep watching anything just for the sake of watching. One of my boys was a pretty heavy watcher, the other wasn't. Now they're both ambivalent about what's on. (And frankly, I think a lot of these "scolding parents" are in denial about how much TV their kid is really watching…but you didn't hear that from me…)

  3. It depends on the child. Since Finley is a great kid, he is active and curious and is not likely to depend on television for fun. I would worry if watching TV is all he enjoyed doing – some children watch too much TV indeed and develop health problems. I watched a lot of TV as a kid but certainly was not dependant on it for fun, I enjoyed being active as well. I barely watch TV as an adult. I'm sure Finley will be fine! You're a great mother.

  4. Aha. Another mummy who knows every show on CBEEBIES! As a mum of three preschoolers I really appreciate the value of educational, non-violent, entertaining telly for kids! Sometimes it can be a life saver. And we all know (even if we don't admit it), it's not about the TV, or the games console, or anything else. It's about the characters and values of the parent/s and the personalities of the children. You could have the most well-meaning parents in the world and they could still end up with a little psycho for a child and vice versa! Thanks for your usual honesty Alison.
    (by the way I have a boudoir chair just like the one on the right but in lavender and gold, it's very brocante home!)

  5. LOVE the post… more mothers need to be as honest. There's far too much competition in motherhood. Always a relief to meet/read realistic ones! Cheers! =)

  6. Oh, Allison, just when I think I couldn't love you more, you write something that makes me fall in love all over again. *sigh*

  7. Excellent post! I have a five year old very similar. He has watched more television than I originally intended, but he drinks up knowledge. He loves books, playing outside, and converstation.
    I say you know your own child. You obviously are providing him with a wonderful, well-rounded childhood. You are observing his development. You are treating him like an individual. Good for you!

  8. Oh Please. A moment of reality and Non-Politically Correct humanity. Two Words.
    The child who is never allowed contact with the media has no idea how to tell the difference between real and hollywood.
    The child who does not have contact with live friends and the outdoors can not tell the difference between real and two dimensional.
    Some mother's are fixated on 24/7 quality time of popsicle stick people and macaronii math. Some are obsessed with their own lives and selves that the TV becomes the only adult conversations that the children of the house hear. Please. Moderation.
    My Children will learn how to build and develope a well rounded rich life through example. Through learning to budget their own life choices between television and social activity NOT because I put a security lock on the remote control, but because WE mothers demonstrate those choices ourselves.
    The rest of their lives are not going to consist of employers and educators dedicating their entire day to facilitating learning opportunities for our children. They will have opportunities made available.. but they must learn to seize them.
    TV is here to stay. Society can fight it all it wants and judge us mother's to make it'self feel better. But Please…
    Reality is.. Our kids are JUST FINE. And if they aren't? I doubt that Mr Roger's Neighbourhood made them Mass Murders! ( ROlls eyes)
    Thanks for you candor!

  9. Funny enough, in my family of 9 children that I grew up in the smartest person in the family, my dear sister, watch THE MOST tv of all of us. I think hse is so smart that she needed the stimulation.

  10. Funny enough, in my family of 9 children that I grew up in the smartest person in the family, my dear sister, watch THE MOST tv of all of us. I think hse is so smart that she needed the stimulation.

  11. Hey I credit watching hours of Sesame Street to being able to read early. My husband who was born and raised in Hong Kong speaks nearly perfect English because of endless hours watching Sesame Street too. There's a big difference between him and his siblings. His youngest sister still sounds F.O.B. (Fresh off the boat).
    Since summer is almost over, I let my 5 year old watch the educational channels as long as he wants since I'm constantly chasing after a one year old and getting ready for our big trip abroad. I don't feel one ounce of guilt as it keeps him occupied until I have time to play with him or take both kids to the park.

  12. We got rid of our t.v. this past spring. It's been nice because we read more, or just spend more time doing things together. We do however watch stuff on the laptop still, (rent movies, watch episodes of some of our fave shows, etc..) and we also let our 4 boys watch dvd's on there a few times a week. I do also love educational programs and do believe that kids can learn a lot from them as well. I just kind of prefer them to play outside or in their little "classroom" we made for them. I grew up on too much t.v. and feel that I missed out on a lot of things I could have been actively doing. This is one of the main reasons why I really limit them. Finley does seem like a smart boy, and as long as he's doing fine, then I'm sure he'll be a happy and healthy boy!

  13. Thanks for your honesty! With only a few days left before school begins, I have given-up on monitoring tv time, and I can finally have some relaxation… 😉 There is a happy medium, and it sounds like you have achieved it. Finley may be allowed to watch as much as he wants, but obviously he is learning to make choices and does a good job!

  14. About 15 years ago a friend told me that she thought my son talked better than her child because I never did "baby talk" to him. Well, I've since wrecked him (and the 3 that followed him), I'm sure, by some other poor mothering method but, at the very least, they all have excellent speaking capabilities. =) Blessings… Polly

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