Beauty and the Laundry Room.


Don’t you think it was time they started making household appliances a little less functional and a teeny bit prettier?

In a delicious collaberation between LG Electronics and Designers Guild, we have been blessed with four scrumptiously silly, pretty  washing machines in  designs  to suit every laundry room…

Roll on the day someone sees cars for the begging for beauty blank canvases that they really are. Please may I have a Volkswagon Beetle in a make me smile with glee duck egg blue Liberty print?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, I'm praying for an old renault 4 van in Cath Kidston old rose print – ooh I'd die with my legs in the air!

  2. Oh how awesome is that! Yes, when will the autos be next? Everything should be so beautiful. I've been looking for some beautiful seat covers for my car seats. Can't find anything pretty here in the US!

  3. How clever is this! I stenciled the outside of my washer/dryer when I lived in Virginia but completely forgot about it all these years later. Hmmmm…ideas are sprouting, look out!

  4. How divine. I have a volkswagon beetle as my little car, so maybe I should start the trend by painting it and stencilling some designs on it. I think in this little country town I live in they would think I had lost the plot!

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