Bibliotheque Miniature

By Alison September 28, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

There are things in this world I covet in a nonsensical fashion.  Take for example this collection of ten French fabric covered miniature books. I don’t speak French. I have books coming out of my ears. I don’t need them and I can’t read them, but, oh readers, how I want them because they are pretty, and French and flowery!

While one of my favorite Ebay dealers, Winter Garden was proferring three of them last week, this dealer has the complete set of ten and they would look utterly charming piled together nonchalantly just about anywhere in my house, so should you stop by you would find me both infinitely interesting and in possesion of culture, intelligence and good taste…

Alas, they will not be mine this time, but who knows when serendipity will once again bless me with that which I have no choice but to resist? I’m a believer Housekeepers: I am a believer.

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