Birthday Breakfast.


On Friday night, Mark had just returned home from a fourteen hour shift, when the phone went at 10.30pm and he was called back to work for the entire night

So by the morning of his birthday he fair old crawled his way into the house and collapsed in front of his birthday breakfast…

His meal of choice? The heart attack material that is the BrocanteHome version of his favorite breakfast of all time- the McDonalds Sausage and Egg McMuffin… 


a teeny tiny carrot cake,


and the strongest coffee  I could muster to try and keep him awake for the rest of  the day…

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  1. Oh, Alison! What a beautiful Brocante Birthday Breakfast for a man to come home to!!! Don't you know he was so honored to have a woman fuss so over him!!! Happy Birthday to Mark! and hats off to our Alison, Queen of the May!!!! (Like that turn of the phrase and the double meaning????? I thought it quite appropo!) Hugs… G.

  2. Oh, what a lovely birthday breakfast. Have you read the lovely passage in India Knight's book The Shops? I think you would appreciate it- let me know if you haven't and I will send it to you! I hope Mark had a lovely day. And oh, oh, oh, I have that plate too! The one with the cake on it!

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