Bits Of Christmas.

By Alison December 6, 2006 3 Comments 1 Min Read








So I haven’t managaed to decorate a tree to die for yet, buy presents for every kid I know or swing paper ribbns from the chandeliers . But day by day, Casa Brocante has started revealing tiny little glimpses of festivity…

There is a bowl full of vintage postcards on the farmhouse table. Oranges dried ready for stringing, and Christmas books propping up the candlesticks. My statues are wearing  vintage baubles and my pictures are wearing gingham ribbons.  There are bowls full of nuts and victorian blocks,  postcards swinging from doorknobs  and the teeniest taste of excitement in air…

It is without theme, thoroughly chaotic and badly designed. Just how Christmas is supposed to be…


  1. CrystalT says:

    Everything looks so Christmasy… Love those postcards. I am afraid I have an obsession with vintage postcards.

  2. Amethyst says:

    Absolutely beautiful so far!
    The girl in the bottom picture is wonderful…

  3. laura says:

    how do you dry oranges?
    do you just slice them and put them in an oven? can you eat them if you've dried them?

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