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  1. Alison,
    I *know* its going to be wonderful. And uniquely you. You are getting me into the mood–I might have to go out & purchase some holiday inspiration mags!

  2. Oh, you have so many wonderful opportunities ahead of you!
    Start NEW traditions, new decorations…anything that speaks of the NEW you and life you have.
    Make a gumdrop and Power Ranger tree for Finn, dress a frilly girly tree all in lace and baubles and chocolates and frou-frou, silly tussie mussies just for YOU!
    Have a wonderful time creating the new and tucking the old away for old age savoring. You have earned the privilege of doing JUST WHAT YOU want and I know you will do just that….in a delicious fashion!
    Can't wait to see what comes about!

  3. Yes, new traditions are in order…save the old ones that you relish……but the Spirit of Christmas remains the same and His peace will get you through! Enjoy this season of beautiful leaves and rich colors…I bet your son would love to jump in a huge pile of leaves…be a kid again with him!

  4. Alison your home sounds so lovely! I love hearing you get in the festive spirit and get us all excited about the coming holidays. No doubt you will find all that sparkles and warms you from the season. Take care!

  5. Love it, Love it, Love it…I have been eagerly awaiting the season I love so much-Autumn…I have put Halloween and Autumny decorations on anything that couldnt make a run for it!,,,Enjoy the giddyness Miss Alison…enjoy

  6. I understand you so well about Ikea. First I thought it was all modern and contemporary – two words I can't stand, and the meaning of it.
    Then, I really discovered Ikea. It has quite a lot of nice things and I have feeling a need to go there for some days now.
    Since I read your post, I can't wait to go there !

  7. Christmas can be whatever you want it to be now, and it will be wonderful.From now on it's your fantasy, and your biggest problem will be knowing when enough is enough..!
    Here's to a pink, sparkly, vintage, scrummy, delicious and extravagent Christmas.
    If anyone call pull it off it will be YOU.

  8. We've had snow. I've been singing 'It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas' for days now.
    "…devastation has got up and left…" I like that.
    Now, on to plans for a wonderful Christmas. What can possibly be better than a holiday celebrating a baby who came to save the world?

  9. Ohhhh you've put me in a festive spirit! I love Autumn/Christmas time of year! Finally the temperature is dropping to allow me to wear big jumpers and knee high boots, and lots of cozy, candlelit nights in! There is nothing wrong with M&S christmas washing up liquid Alison – I've bought it several times and love it!

  10. It sounds like you'll be having a Christmas a la Marie Antoinette. A Pink and bubbly extravagant and lavishly indulgence Christmas in the finest delicacies available to all the senses.
    Annabelle xo

  11. Alison, make this season about you and Finn… don't mull over things you can not change… I hope the best for the both of you and that precious Finn…

  12. Who knows — this Christmas may be your best ever, for it will be all about you and Finn, your style, your way, with only your and Finn's dreams to think about … you can decorate the tree ANY WAY YOU LIKE. PINK!!!

  13. I usually dread certain aspects of Xmas but after reading your post I have taken heart. You are quite something Alison – proud to know you !! Keep rockin !

  14. It will be fine. I promise.
    Gabriel and Finn will be hurtling around in a Superhero frenzy, Dad will be wandering around with his binbag picking up the carnage, mum will be trying to get everyone to get dressed ready for dinner, we will have the usual christmas cracker gift trading war, mum will put a little bit of carrot and turnip on my plate even though I hate it because she says it makes the plate look balanced, I will make you drink far too much red wine and you will come over all giggly (while chastising dad for drinking too much), mum will try and get us all to eat christmas pudding which she buys every year even thought we hate it, I will INSIST everyone sits down in the evening and plays my chosen christmas game, I will throw streamers and part poppers around the room crying "Let's get the party started!!", You will complain as you always do about how paper cracker hats don't fit over your hair (while mine will stay firmly on my head until at least boxing day) and all will be as it always has been.

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