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  1. Oh Alison! I am so very, very sorry! What a heartbreaking turn of events. I tear up just reading about your walk to the bin with your arms full of dreams. Please know that you are surrounded with love and support. It is always darkest before the dawn.

  2. Oh, Alison. I am so sorry. Don't doubt your feelings. Go forward with what you believe is best for you and Finn. It is so much braver for you to say "no" to something you know is not right at this time, than it would be for you to just go along with things and hope that you will be happy later. I feel for your pain. Go hug your boy and feel the energy of his love for you. It will help. I'm so so sorry.

  3. Oh, Alison.I wish there were magic words to make it all better.But, the only ones I have are these: Trust yourself. I wish you all the best.

  4. Oh my poor dear sweet Alison. I am thinking of you more than you know. Anything you need at all, just say the word. There is nothing to say that will make it better, but hopefully knowing you are in so many hearts will at least make it a little bit less worse. xxx

  5. No! I cant believe this! Oh Alison! my poor Darling! I dont know what to say to you,other than you know where I am if you need to talk,I know you must have a very good reason to do this xxx

  6. Alison, so sorry to hear this and I can only echo everyone else's comments that you must do what's best and we are all here in the bloggy universe sending you as many virtual hugs as you need,
    Love and Hugs,
    Victoria xxx

  7. Alison, I am very sorry to hear of your falling out. Some things seem awfully insignificant in times of darkness, don't they? I remember feeling deep pain from a similar loss. No one could say anything that made it any easier for me. Time is the best salve.

  8. I am so sad for you. I have been treasuring your happinesses so much during this (for me) awful year. Trust me, sometimes we must do the things we think we cannot do. And we do get through it. Even when we are sure we cannot. Thinking of you every day. Sandi

  9. I will hold you up in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this most difficult time. We are here for you to rant and rave. To pass the proverbial tissue. To give you support in all that you need to do that is best for you and Finn, even though some of us are sooo far away! I wish you courage to continue to heal. I am saddened to hear this news, but also know that you will have to persevere, not just for Finn, but because you are Alison May. And that is what you do. Peace and blessings in the days to come.

  10. Dear, dear Alison, from many miles away I whisper your sweet names to Him tonight in my prayers. My heart is breaking for you. Take care of yourself. Love, Sally

  11. Don't doubt your own strength, Alison-we have seen it the generous glimpses you have given us of your life, in your incredible writing-you are one absolutely fantastic person, and please believe that you will smile again-maybe through tears, maybe only for a brief moment, but you will. Hang in there-sending love and hugs.

  12. I learned a lot from you and I have to say that I am sad for you too. I do believe that we should have trust, sometimes we must do the things we think we cannot do. Even when we are sure we cannot. Thinking of you every day.

  13. Dear Alison, I am so very very sorry to read your post. My thoughts are with you and I hope that at sometime these dark days will become a little lighter that your future shines even more brightly. Take care and I send you my very best wishes

  14. This post makes my eyes fill up with tears for you….truly. Please know that I'm holding you close in my heart just now. So sad. I am SO sorry. With love to you, sweetheart.

  15. My heart just aches for you. I'm really sorry. You and Richard were very happy and he loves your son….I can't imagine what must have happened to destroy this.

  16. I'm so terribly sorry, Alison. Don't doubt your strength to get through this, but make sure you also take time to grieve. Please take care of yourself. Sending virtual hugs your and Finn's direction!

  17. Dear Alison I'm so sorry to hear about the wedding,it must be so difficult to come to terms with.My thoughts are with you xxx

  18. Alison, I am so sorry to hear this. I know how heartbreaking your decision must have been. I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that so many of us are sending our love your way. I don't know you, but feel like I do. My take on you is that you are stronger than you realize — think of what you have gone through these past years. It must hurt dreadfully now, but you will find your strength within yourself and in your son, your family and your words. Take time to do what you need to heal your heart.

  19. Oh Alison, I am truly sorry for your heartbreak and sadness. It is true, 'piffle' doesn't matter in the grande scheme of things, and that clarity of realisation is what clears the decks of our minds and will allow you to focus on the matter at hand right now.
    You ARE very brave to have made such a decision (braver than most in fact) and will have very good reasons I am certain, and it proves you are strong enough – have faith in yourself and the inner voice you know knows your heart of hearts. Cling onto the mundane of the every day until bit by bit you can exhale.
    My love and best wishes for you and Fin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Oh Alison I am SO sad to read this. I echo Sasha's post, written so much more eloquently than I could have done. Do not doubt, though, that you have the strength, because you do, and you have a loving family and many friends to support you when you need it. My best wishes and hugs to you and Finn and Richard.

  21. Oh sweetheart! I am so very, very sorry for you. Take your time love and always remember there are many on here who are here for you. Lots of love, Lesley xx

  22. Alison, I've only just gotten to "know"you but my heart breaks for you. I'm sure you've given this much thought and consideration and must do what's best for you and Finn. I have been blessed with a 35 yr. marriage and we were sweethearts from our teens so I really have no idea the depths of your heartbreak. I only know that if 2 people truly love each other as you say you do, are you sure this problem isn't something that can't be worked through? I don't mean to belittle your issue and I am aware that I have no clue what's going on, but I pray that you have turned every corner inside out to find another solution. I'm so sorry for the trials you are going through and I, too, am here to support you but I know that doesn't keep you warm at night and hold your hand along the way. My prayers are with you all and I hope the sun shines again soon. xxooxx

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