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  1. As one who went to uni in Liverpool, cough, cough, quite a few years ago and now lives in Oz … so lovely to have a virtual revisit of the city. I too loved the Bluecoat Chambers and Bold Street and used to live off Lark Lane in a flat overlooking Sefton Park with geraniums on the kitchen window sill. Love your blog by the way and your writing especially x

  2. Alison you always write very well but “We pass railways banks splendid with a thousand cheerful Primula and the urban wilderness that is now the dock road, home to the dilapidated grain silos and tea merchants of Liverpool in its Victorian hey-day, and then the train pulls into Liverpool Central and I am plunged into a city alive with entertainment on every corner” is pure literature. I have never seen that part of the world but I’m sure I saw what you saw.

  3. Anne’s House of Dreams and Rilla are two of my utmost forever favourites. I have two complete sets of the Anne books ( greedy I know, but I found myself in Australia for a year and simply needed to read them again). Enjoy them! I just finished Bath time and Nursery Rhymes by Pam Weaver on my kindle.

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