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  1. I long for Summer days all Winter. It is so cold and dreary here that Winter is just depressing. That tart looks AMAZING! Do you have the recipe to share?

  2. What a lovely weekend. I don’t like to say this but I think it is getting older (just slightly of course) that makes me like the sun more. I used to be very much a winter person too and while I still enjoy it, I find myself looking forward to the lighter, brighter, longer days earlier in the year than I used to.

  3. Lovely photos Alison. I really need to get my license again and a car. The best places are too often beyond the reach of public transportation. Autumn is my favourite time of year.The others have their charms, but nothing like the third season.

  4. Oh what loveliness it must be to have access to vintage fairs and such wonders! Unfortunately we aren’t that exciting around here in our state. LOL Since our state is only 116 years old it’s hard to find really good vintage stuff in too many places.
    Your weekend looks fab! The food sounds scrumptious and the little shed is adorable. Enjoy the sun! It does a soul good.

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