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  1. A pretty post, Alison. I identify. I too feel passionate about my bedroom, although I can’t claim it’s always fastidious, but it’s my sanctuary. P.S. The little I watched of Dexter kept me awake too. He was a fascinating character, but too too much for me.

  2. “Wavering, dithering and doubting”, that’s me. I thought we were supposed to grow more confident with age. Funny how hiding under the bed covers like a child is still so soothing, regardless of how old one is.

  3. And Alison, when you get to the season when Dexter deals with John Lithgow…you will be totally hooked on Dexter. He was my guilty pleasure on Sunday evenings. Missing him now.

  4. I so agree with you on the need for quiet sanctuary! Especially now, after the bustle of holidays…Mine is not quite like I dream of, but it is full of me. And my life with husband and family….Thanks for a very sweet, vulnerable post….and I adore Dexter! Have gone through years with him, (never thought I would watch something like it…but am addicted!)…and like Sally, I miss him now!

  5. Ny bedroom, my sanctuary, my secret garden. Thw one room in the house that is totally Barbara. I too have been in love with a TV character and what fun to dream up my own storylines. You put into words the feelings that are floating around and thru us.

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