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  1. Alison, dear, you’ve inspired me to spend part of this Sunday evening, as the pumpkin pie bakes, adding movies to Netflix I’ve never seen. Top of the list are several with Johnny Depp, my favorite actor. And then for the past several days I have been thinking about famous old black and white movies that I’ve never seen like Casablanca, etc. So now I’m sitting here adding away. I shall take my laptop to work this week and watch movies at lunch.

  2. What a great idea! Quartet is on my list because anything Maggie Smith is in is marvelous. Can’t wait to see everyone’s suggestions. I also have a lot of Curious George and Mickey Mouse in the queue but that’s because my grandkids can’t get enough!

    1. Oh Antonella, Another Year is a wonderful, sad, meandering kind of film. I thoroughly enjoyed it in the way it is only possible to do when you are confronted by the kind of touching, gritty films that Mike Leigh does. Enjoy.x

  3. Have you ever seen Crossing Delancey? It’s a little older, from 1988, with Peter Riegert and Amy Irving. It’s full of fantastic Yiddish grandmothers, a blowsy matchmaker and the sweetest and most romantic leading man I’ve ever seen. I have watched this movie when I’ve been single, married, dumped and heartbroken, and love it even more every time I watch it.

    1. Oooh I havent Keri, but you betcha I’m going to hunt it out now! ~Thank-you so much for the recommendation!

  4. I love the part in Penny Serenade where they give a lift to those people, and the child gets out of the car — it breaks my heart.Try a French film allied Romantics Anonymous. It is just a sweet movie.
    Also, The Decoy Bride. A formulaic Romantic Comedy that I ordered because of David Tennant (my sons and I are becoming proper Whovians), but just loved it for Kelly Macdonald. She was just so CUTE! You’ll see what I mean.
    For a quick pick-me-up “I Dance Myself to Sleep” (Bert and Ernie, Sesame Street) on YouTube.

  5. Sorry for the extra posts all the time, but there is no “Edit”.I’m a huge original Star Trek fan. I LOVE all the characters, so I was a bit miffed when they decided to make a prequel that rewrote time, so that all the adventures I loved never existed.
    However, once I got over that — and the PARADOX they created (come on guys, if you change the past and thereby change the future, the reason in the future that made you go back to the past no linger exists, so you wouldn’t go back to the past and change the future which would mean that the original event would still occur that would send you back to the past that would change the future… — uh, where was I again, oh yeah, once you get past everything, the movies, are really good, and the actors show certain glimpses of the original actors’ characters that I love so much, and I just love what they’ve done with Spock in the Into Darkness film.
    So, give ’em a try!

  6. Penny Serenade is one of the all time BEST movies IN THE WORLD. I watched it years ago and recorded it on VHS (did I say years ago – I think it was back in the 80’s). I’m thinking I still have that VHS tape somewhere packed away. I watched it SO many times and cried each time. I had not even thought about it be online now. Happy happy happy!

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